Sunday, February 13, 2022

Los Angeles Rams 7 - Cincinnati Bengals 3 - 15:00 Second

 Bengals start around the 30, nice first down, HOLY CRAP on Second Down, and it's suddenly First and Goal from the 5!

MIRACLE play to be honest.  GREAT play by Chase.

Sorry spotted at the 11, 1st and 10.

Pass batted down on First by Von Miller, former Superbowl MVP.  

And the Bengals suddenly look worried.  Bad pass on 2nd.

Incomplete on 3rd they'll settle for the field goal.  Rams defense saves some points.

COMMERCIALS:  Nope.  We're sticking around I guess until the quarter ends.

Rams have the Ball.  2nd and 10 on the 25.

NOW Commercials:

Sloths are funny.  We know dis.  Wild animals should not be eating Doritos.  Also animals taste buds are completely different than humans.  For example birds do not taste spicy foods.  

Chuck E. Cheese/Five Nights at Freddy's dog....I think I would have liked this much better if it wasn't for META/Facebook.  WTF?

Jordan Peele movie - Yeah, his name sells tickets.  And this one is called "Nope".  Nice.

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