Friday, November 6, 2009

Back from the Dead - I'm READY to do Team Trading Again

If you look on the right side of the blog page there you'll see a link for "team trading." I have FINALLY put together all of my doubles/cards I'm not putting in a set and sorted them by team. The lots run anywhere between 30 and 80+ cards apiece, and all I ask for in return is some Angels cards. Yes, that's right, I'll trade you lots of your favorite team for my favorite team, the Los Angeles California Angels of Anaheim.

I only have a few caveats:

  • NO 2006 Topps (The Black Bordered ones) - I have several team sets of this already, including at LEAST 9 Vladdies.
  • NO 2008 Upper Deck - Again have tons of the Angels from this set too.
  • You don't have to match the amount I send you, I don't really care. Send more, send less, it doesn't matter, as long as you send something cool. If you want to wait to send me Angels until you get your team, that's fine with me too.
  • I won't divulge your personal info (Name, location), in a blog entry, unless you tell me it's OK.
  • The Super-Stars are in lots, so if you want the Yankees, you'll get a few Jeters, a couple A-Rods, etc.
  • Please no cards of current Angels in other team's uniforms (unless they're RC's).
  • The BUDGET COLLECTOR has a very tight budget. I promise I will mail out as quickly as I can, but please understand if there's a slight delay due to lack of funds.
  • There may be a small amount of "junk wax" in your lots, like 89 Topps, 80's/90's Donruss/Fleer, etc. That's only because I buy junk wax on occasion. In fact, I love Junk Wax. If you want to send me unopened junk wax, I'll open it for a blog post.
  • Right Now I have lots for EVERY MLB team with the exception of the Angels, and actually I have some 2000 Topps Angels that I don't need either. As trades are made I'll update which teams are no longer available.

So that's the truth, rooth. I'm located on the West Coast, specifically Los Angeles, CA. I have no problems sending overseas either, but please make the trade worth my while to do so.

Thanks for reading, and let's start trading!

If you want to trade, feel free to email me at wmnoe at yahoo dot com, or leave a comment here.


Grand Cards said...

I'd love to take some Tigers off your hands! I'm sure I've got some nice Angels that I can scrounge up.

Anonymous said...

Marlins please!!

jackplumstead said...

I have been keeping some Angels aside for you, if you ever wanted to trade again. Red Sox for me Thanks.

William Noetling said...

Grand - You Got it!

Wicked - As with the other post - they're yours

Jack - Heh - all yours.