Thursday, October 5, 2017

Digital Dabblings - My Columns on

So earlier this year the call went out from my favorite Professional Wrestling website, Pro Westling Torch ( that they were looking for new columnists and content, and with my insane knowledge of this Topps digital trading card game I decided to go ahead and offer up my services, and for some ungodly reason they accepted! 

Here's the link to my archive:

My next column will be my 20th!  Yes I know the most recent is numbered #18 but that's only because I wrote a special that I didn't number.  A special that I'm actually pretty proud of, as it's actual advice on how to value your collection and made wiser traders

Today is also my daughter Kaylee's 11th birthday so I wanted to give her a huge shout out too.  I love you Kaylee!!!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Shameless Plug - Back my Buddy's Kickstarter - Space Adventure Board Game Spaceship Awesome 3000

Come on, it's called Starship Awesome 3000!  It's a space themed board game that my buddy Matt Chapman, whom I used to work with at created and has put on Kickstarter.  I was backer #1!  It's only $45 for a full game, which these days is a bargain.

Come on you know you want to join me.