Sunday, February 13, 2022

The Jersey Fits



All is right in the world for tonight.  The Los Angeles Rams have won the SuperBowl.

Since I have lived in Los Angles (1971-80, 1998-present) Los Angeles Teams have won 12 Major  Championships (Lakers 8, Kings 2, Dodgers1, Angels 1).  I don't count the Ducks because I hate them.  

Of those I have only really cared about the Kings, Angels and Rams.  Those are my teams.  I'm not a "Dodger" fan.  I'm barely a Laker fan.  I am a Kings, Angels and Rams fan. Yes I loved the Chargers while I lived in San Diego. Since they've been back, meh.  Not so much.

But I've always been a Rams fan.  Even when I was a Chargers fan.  I was a Rams fan too.  

My Jersey is #11 for Jim Everett.  It barely fits.  But I wore it tonight.

Congrats Rams.

Los Angeles Rams 23 Cincinnati Bengals 20 FINAL

 BUILT to win.  And they did.  Great game.  I can't decide if Cooper Kupp or Aaron Donald is my MVP.  I voted for them both. RAMS GET THEIR 2nd Superbowl and FIRST IN LOS ANGELES.

And I'm crying.  Really.



AND they earned it.  

Los Angeles Rams - 23 Cincinnati Bengals 20 - 1:25 fourth

 In a game with almost no penalties this is drama time

From a defensive holding call.  to the offsetting penalties on the touchdown catch by Kupp, it makes things way more dramatic.

Then more flags.

You could not script this shit




Cincinnati Bengals 20 - Los Angeles Rams 16 1:55 Fourth

 I've never seen the NFL hotter - AL Michaels.  yeah the post season has been good.  Brings in the casuals and lapsed fans.  Like me.  No Tom Brady.

Rams go for it on 4th down and get it with a run from WR Kupp!

Collinsworth - you have to get Cooper Kupp into this game.  Yes.  You're right.  100%

Rams driving

Good Game

1st and 10- Caught by Kupp on the 24.  Under 3 to play

FIRST and Goal - inside of 2 minues.  DOES NOT GET BETTER.


My next post will be my last.

Wow.  WHAT A GAME>  best one in ages.  

Was that buddweiser with the clydesdales?  Kind of missed them.

Wal-mart - I don't miss going there

Dude frm the Middle.  Credit Crds?  2nd pegasus appaerance.

HBO _ I love Kareem.  Will watch

nbc Show with Morena Baccarin.  Um...OK.

OK end of game time.

Cincinnati Bengals 20 - Los Angeles Rams 16 6:13 Fourth

 Bengals start with a quick first down, and run for 3 straight plays.  Unsurprising.  Burn the clock.  Time to step up Rams.

3rd and 1 it's CLOSE but they get the first down.  Yuck.  Burning time.

the Rams defense comes through with a stop on 3rd down.  

Rams take over on their own 22.


Eugene Levy and Brie Larson for cars.   Cathrine O'hara driving in Downtown LA.  Batista.....I dig it.  Best car comemrcial excet for the Tunda.

I hear Hole

I MIGHT BE too drunk to type

I'm hungry for Taco Bell.

Cincinnati Bengals 20 - Los Angeles Rams 16 9:58 Fourth

 They want us to vote for MVP.  The game isn't over.  How can I choose right now?

Rams go 3 and out quickly.  No bueno.

We're getting to the nitty gritty.  Maybe one possession left each team.  Dammit.


Kinda done with commercials.  Usually this is the time where I stop caring.  Wait I never cared.  Cutwater makes good drinks.  Usually.

But I wouldn't buy them when I can get the ingredients for way cheaper.

Vroom - Warners back lot

AMC+ - I need to finish up Killing Eve.  Don't care abot the Walking Dead.  Interview with the Vampire might be interesting.  Never have watched Saul.

Irish Spring - Oh yeah, that's still a thing. 

Olympics - Haven't watched anything so far.

Renee Zellwiger's new series - ugh....that voice will make me not want to watch

Cincinnati Bengals 20 - Los Angeles Rams 16 11:29 Fourth

 OK we're in the fourth quarter.  Crunch time Rams.  Here's where you make your millions and millions.

And the rams go 3 and out.  Sigh.  Can we get a coffin corner kick?

It's a One Possession game.

Bengals take over on their own 16.

Beer #4 Opened and poured.

The length of the game is getting to the defenses you can tell.  Broken plays end up in first downs.

At least the Cincinnati run game is still not doing anything.  15 rushes for 55 yards.

But the Rams defense holds and gets their 7th sack of the game.  Burrow is hurt and an unnecessary roughness penalty for the Bengals.  Pushes the punter all the way back to the endzone.

Good PUNT, and the Rams don't quite get what they want, but they have the ball and are in the drivers seat.


Is Scarlett Johanssen the most attractive woman on the planet?  maybe.  Is Colin Jost the most amazing man on the planet?  Probably.  

I dunno what the next commercial was for but it had Chumbuwumba.

and then there's Idris Elba.  No lie.  Man crush.  Sexiest man on the planet.  James Bond>  Sure why not.

Cincinnati Bengals 20 - Los Angeles Rams 16 15:00 Fourth

 Did I say the Defense had to step up?  

BOY HOWDY.  BACK TO BACK SACKS on first and second down.

And the Rams get the ball back.  PHEW.  That was come clutch plays there. 

Rams get the ball back on their own 48.  

Collinsworth says "Sean McVey is out of weapons."  No, he has Kupp, Akers, Henderson, Hendricks and all sorts of guys who can make a freaking play.  Shut up Bengal homer.

4th Quarter.  4th Beer.  Yes.  I'm feeling it a little.  Imma call my Momma.

Cincinnati Bengals 20 - Los Angeles Rams 16 2:47 Third

 Damn.  The Rams had a PRIME opportunity to take momentum back from the Bengals and they blew it big time.  These things are crucial.  Now the Defense has to make a play just to keep them in it.

And Stafford might be hurt.


Oh look, they remind us Austin Powers was a thing.  Wait I do think this commercial is funnier than the last movie.

Baby Me!

More Crypto bullshit.  Listen I'm a self-professed techno geek.  STAY AWAY from Crypto.  It ain't worth it.  

Zach Braff is a dude.  Scrubs was a show.  remember?  I think the commercials are all about remembering stuff you used to like much more than stuff that's new now.

That movie with Jlow and the Blond Wilson.  Nope.

Cincinnati Bengals 20 - Los Angeles Rams 16 4:30 Third

 Joe Namath who was in superbowl ad earlier tonight.

Montana who really was the best QB of his time.

HOLY CRAP what the hell was Joe Burrow wearing on the way in?  Dude....

NICE - isn't that the 3rd sack of Burrow?  Nope 4th

And the Rams stop the Bengals on 3rd down for a 3 and out, and momentum shifts.

Now is your time Rams.

PLENTY of time left.  


Pringles - Yes, we know.  You can get your hand stuck in a Pringles canister.   They're PAPER dude.  DUMB

Sci-Fi Booze - Yes I'm forgetting what the alcohol is for these days.  Is that Guy Fieri?  Also I'm on Beer #3.  But these are stouts.  Oh it's Bud Light Seltzer.  That stuff is vile.  Remember Zima?  it's about the same.

My neighbors are barbecueing.  Smells good.  I wish I were more social.  Then again I could have had friends over, I just decided I wasn't up to it.  Which I wasn't.

Kia - Wasn't watching.

Law and Order - NOPE.

Back to game.

Cincinnati Bengals 20 - Los Angeles Rams 16 5:58 Third

 Rams second possession of the second half not looking good to start.  But Henderson grabs a first down on a 3rd and 10.  Phew.

Collinsworth is right, the Rams are really missing Higbee and Beckham. BUT they do have a number of weapons still.  

I haven't mentioned it yet, but I love the Rams new Helmets.  Especially the Metallic blue.

Jesus Cooper Kupp is awesome.

Rams driving is a beautiful thing to watch.

Damn, field goal time after a messed up Flea-Flicker.  


Are there any good ones left?

Amazon Prime - Lord of the Rings - Meh.  Don't need it, don't really care.  

POTATO chips - Seth and Paul - Hee hee.  Cute

Universal Orlando - Yeah I'm in LA.  I go to Universal Hollyweird.

Back to the game.

Cincinnati Bengals 20 - Los Angeles Rams 13 10:15 Third

 Rams Defense needs to step it up.  Not that they've played badly mind you.  They've given up two big plays.  That's it.  

It's still very early.

At least they only gave up 3 points on that drive, with a key sack on 4th down in the red-zone.  Ugh.


And I'm about bored with the commercials this year.  Maybe it's because commercials as an advertising medium are pretty banal in the first place.

What can I say about representation though?  I can't.  Bring it on.  Everyone deserves to be seen.  So good on ya Google Pixel.

WTF a COVID test computer thingy?  whoa.

Also I love lindsey lohan.  She is awesome.  Screw you.  She's cute.  I need to go to the gym.

Cincinnati Bengals 17 - Los Angeles Rams 13 14:20 Third

 Yeah that should have been a flag.  Really.  Dude facemasked Ramsey.  Ah well.  

DAMMIT - The Bengals make a play and a takeaway and this game MIGHT be over.  

Cincinatti Bengals 17 Los Angeles Rams 13 - 14:48 Third

 And we begin the 2nd half with the Rams kicking to the Bengals.  

And it's a touchback.  I we even need kickoffs anymore?

Biggest Priority in the 2nd half - "Go Win the Superbowl" no shit sherlock.

No Beckham for the 2nd half.  Shit.

Well that blew the game wide open didn't it.  That's kind of exciting I'm not gonna lie.  What a great play to come out of the second half.  

Los Angeles Rams 13 - Cincinnati Bengals 10 - HALFTIME

 The  Jones' Toyota Tundra commercial was clever.

The NFL ad where the video game characters come out of the screen was cute as well.


That Halftime Show....



That was freaking great and worth a watch.  

THE HYPE was Real.

Los Angeles Rams 13 - Cincinnati Bengals 10 - HALFTIME

 COMMERCIALS just before the half.

Matthew McConnagehy can sell me anything.  If people ever start walking around with VR headsets I'll be pissed.  Also that was for SalesForce?  WTF?  Not for nothing we're switching to SalesForce at work.  And my Mom's work just did.

Larry David - is he really funny?  I've never been sure.  I never cared for Curb, and I wasn't a BIG fan of Seinfeld.  That was yet another Crypto ad.  It's lie the early 2000's again, only instead of Dot coms it's Cryptos.

SO one of the major reasons why I don't watch football much anymore (mostly because I'm not all that happy with the current rules and gameplay) is that it's on WAY too much.  We start the week on THURSDAY now...then have a Saturday game, all day Sunday and then sometimes TWO on Monday.

Just go back to Sunday and Monday people.  

And where is Monday Night Football these days?  I have no idea.  Amazon shows games on Thursdays?

Rams go 3 and out, and we're at Halftime.  

NOW it's Break time.  I'll be back at the beginning of the 2nd Half.

Los Angeles Rams 13 - Cincinnati Bengals 10 -00:42 SECOND

 Hunh, taunting penalty on the Bengals and they get to start on the 10 yard line.  Not smart.


Matt Damon



Jlo and Batfleck

Emmitt Smith

Sacked on third down and the Rams stuff the Bengals.  Score will remain the same at halftime.


Los Angeles Rams 13 - Cincinnati Bengals 10 - 2:00 Second

 Beckham out for who knows...

First down...Hopkins catch for 16.

Penalty - #2 in the game and second on the Rams.

Damn Higbee is out for this game.  He's a great TE

And Intercepted in the Endzone.  Well that could have been better.

TwoMinute Warning

TurboTax - I've used them for the last several years, but they SUCK DIDDLY UCK andI should be able to find a cheaper one this year.  This is yuck too.

WALLBOX - They paid how much for that?

Morgan Freeman Narration = win.  Turkish Airlines?

Beer Big Lebowski Homage - Yuck.

Pizza Hut - I don't like my pizza spicy.  Burritos, sure.  Tacos OK.  Chili yum.  Pizza?  

Los Angeles Rams 13 - Cincinnati Bengals 10 - 3:54 Second

 Hunh, I didn't even realize that the QB didn't throw that pass.  Wasn't paying close attention.

Don't you love it when the coaches throw up their play cards so they can't have their lips read by cameras?  It's a thing.

Time out - Beckham is hurt.


T-Mobile Part 2. - How can you take it seriously?

UberEats - Jennifer Coolidge is one of my favorites.  But this is dumb.  I worked for UberEats.  Better than PostMates

Hey the Mannings in their second commercial.  For what?  Not sure

Gillette - Yes, we still need to shave.  I'd rather buy Dollar shave club.

Ambulance Movie - Will miss.

Los Angeles Rams 13 - Cincinnati Bengals 10 - 5:47 Second

Up until Mixon just picked up 14 yards on a first down run, the Bengals had only gained 17 yards on 4 total rushes.  

The Rams D-Line has been pretty punishing thus far.  

ESPN Game Cast is still about a good 20 seconds ahead of the live "streaming" on my app.

I committed a party foul, I overflowed my 2nd beer.  I get one per quarter.

It's cool to have Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth on the call today.  I am old enough to remember Collinsworth's ENTIRE CAREER.  

The Bengals put together a pretty good drive and get the touchdown to bring it to a 3 point game.  This is good.  We want an exciting game don't we?

75 Yards, 7 minutes.


Barbie Dream House?  Nope Rocket Homes.  There is a Barbie Movie coming soon.  I don't care I love Anna Kendrick.  And Toys.  I love toys.  And there's He-Man and Skeletor.  CLEVER.  Top 5 commercial so far.

Disney+ - Hey that's Awkafina.  I love her.  My kid would like that.

WeatherTech - Who the heck?  Well, there's always some small company that spends more than their revenue on a Superbowl Ad.

Yes, Wrestlemania is coming.  Apparently Peacock bought all those spots, not WWE.  

Los Angeles Rams 13 - Cincinnati Bengals 3 - 12:51 Second

 ON 3rd and Long, Stafford to Beckham for 35 yards.  GOT to love that.   

Next play, left side for 25 to Henderson and the Rams are MOVING.

Time out Los Angeles.  12:56 to go.

So far, this has been a pretty good game.  On the Defense the Rams are doing as well as can be expected.  On offense, they're doing what they do. 


6 plays 75 yards 2:37 Time of Possession.

I said "Oh that's a touchdown" as soon as the ball was thrown, I could see Cooper Kupp break free.  

Rams botch the point after.  10 point lead.  Will that mean anything?

Beer Commercials reminding us that Big Lebowski is a great movie.  With Steve Buscemi and lots of stars.

Car commericals reminds us that "The Sopranos" was a thing.  I mean they go right by Satriales.

Oh shit that's Meadow and Tony Jr.  IT"S A SEQUEL!


I'm sports entertained

Los Angeles Rams 7 - Cincinnati Bengals 3 - 15:00 Second

 Bengals start around the 30, nice first down, HOLY CRAP on Second Down, and it's suddenly First and Goal from the 5!

MIRACLE play to be honest.  GREAT play by Chase.

Sorry spotted at the 11, 1st and 10.

Pass batted down on First by Von Miller, former Superbowl MVP.  

And the Bengals suddenly look worried.  Bad pass on 2nd.

Incomplete on 3rd they'll settle for the field goal.  Rams defense saves some points.

COMMERCIALS:  Nope.  We're sticking around I guess until the quarter ends.

Rams have the Ball.  2nd and 10 on the 25.

NOW Commercials:

Sloths are funny.  We know dis.  Wild animals should not be eating Doritos.  Also animals taste buds are completely different than humans.  For example birds do not taste spicy foods.  

Chuck E. Cheese/Five Nights at Freddy's dog....I think I would have liked this much better if it wasn't for META/Facebook.  WTF?

Jordan Peele movie - Yeah, his name sells tickets.  And this one is called "Nope".  Nice.

Los Angeles Rams 7 - Cincinnati Bengals 0 - 2:09 First

 NFL Man of the year - Andrew Whitworth rocks.

and with 4 minutes to go in the first, our first penalty - on the Rams.  This is good.  I hate penalties.

Rams go 3 and out.  2nd punt for them.

Gotta love the shots of my beautiful home town.


Carvana - Blech.  No one cares.

Hologic - I guessed that was Mary J Blige

CoinBase - Yeah....uh.  Hooked me in.  Yes I scanned the code.

NBC - You have some decent shows.  Not many.  I do like Mr. Mayor.

Los Angeles Rams 7 - Cincinnati Bengals 0 - 4:48 First

 Next possession:

This is the 8th superbowl in Los Angeles.  Including the first one.  Which my dad went to.  I used to have the ticket, but I sold it a few years ago when I needed money. Made a ton.  Could have bought a ticket to the Stanley Cup Finals for what I got for it.

I think I'mma abandon the play by play, you can watch it on your own.

Bengals go 3 and out.  They've now had 7 offensive plays for a total of 15 yards.  That's great for the Rams.

Rams will start 


Netflix - Yes, we already subscribe.  You have some great content coming.

Car Commercial - Garbage....

Anachronistic Tail Gate - Avocados from Mexico - kind of bad timing.

NBC News - Yeah I get mine from the internet.

Los Angeles Rams 7 - Cincinnati Bengals 0 - 6:22 First

 Next possession, 

1st down - loss of yards on a run.  That's 3 plays in a row 

2nd down - Stafford flushed from the pocket and scrambles for a nice gain.  Better than a sack.

3rd down - Really nice pass to Kupp who was in motion.  Gain of a ton

1st down - Gain of 4.  Hunh...The ESPN Game cast is faster than my tv

2nd down - pass for 3 yards

3rd down - TOUCHDOWN - Stafford to ODELL BECKHAM JR.  


Bud Light Next- Gen Zers are drinking now?  That's what it looks like.  

Draft Kings - Who's that girl?  

Arnold as Zeus - Hilarious.  Peggy!  OK that was a good Car commercial.

Peacock - I'm still not subbing.

Los Angeles Rams 0 - Cincinnati Bengals 0 - 9:57

 Yeah, SO-FI has a lake.  And no parking.  None.  Parking is more than tickets for most games today.

1st down - 8 yard pass, nicely done.  

I haven't been following NFL for a few years, no idea who Joe Burrow is.  He won a heisman and a national college championship.  Oh LSU.

2nd down - run - 1 yard

3rd down - run - stuffed 4th down and 1.  Do they go for it around the 50?


Or they're just trying to get a penalty

Incomplete pass. All right Rams stopped and get great yardage.


Oscar Isaac movie.  Nope this is for Moon Knight, the TV series  from Disney + - Cool.

Rakuten - Hunh?

Oh geeze the talking baby?  Is that Ryan Reynolds voice?  Or Will Arnett?  E-trade again.  

Ewen McGregor - I just want to see you in Obi Wan.  Not commercials.  Expedia.

Oh gawd Law and Order is coming back yet again?

I don't care about the Half-Time show, but I'll watch I guess.

Los Angeles Rams 0 - Cincinnati Bengals 0 - 11:54 First


Touchback.  When did they start doing it from the 25 yard line?

2nd down, pass to Akers, and First Down...

3rd play, Bengals not fooled on a late handoff to the right.  

4th play, Sacked.  Crud.  3rd and 19. 

5th play, dumbarse handoff and loses yards.   4th and 20. 

What the hell?

Bengals get great field position on the punt.  Net yards for the Rams - 1.  NOT a good start


I think it's a commercial for something?  No it's a car commercial.  Terrible.

Zendayas seashells - clever.  OK Squarespace....

Dolly Parton - I LOVE YOU DOLLY PARTON.  I don't care what you shill, you rock.  She's giving all her theme park employees a college education.

Los Angeles Rams 0 - Cincinnati Bengals 0 - Pre-Kick Commercials

 Jurassic World Dominion Commercial shows dinos in snow.  Damn Laura Dern looks sexier than ever.  

Youtube TV - not going to get me to subscribe

HEY It's The Rock! Finally the Super Bowl has come back to Los Angeles!

Cutting a Promo.  

Hey is he going to be at WrestleMania maybe?

It's here next year.  I wouldn't put it past him to announce.


Um.  the Rock can announce all my games.

Here we go....

Los Angeles Rams 0 - Cincinnati Bengals 0 - Pre-Game

Im ready for the game.  That's my vintage (circa 1990) Rams jersey.  Sadly it doesn't fit anymore.  I do believe the last time I wore it would have been Halloween 1999.

I got a four pack of Founders Breakfast Stout, and I'm watching on the NBC Sports App on my Apple TV.

This marks the Fifth appearance of the Cleveland/Los Angeles/St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams.  They lost to the Eagles in 1979.  Defeated the Tennesee Titans in 2000.  Lost to the Patriots in 2002 and 2019.

Today is the third appearance of the Cincinnati Bengals.  They lost to the San Francisco 49ers in 1982 and 1989.

Cincinnati won the toss and deferred to the 2nd half, the Rams will get the ball.

Next up Kickoff.

ONE YEAR and 8 Months Later - The budget collector has RETURNED

 For one day and one day only the Budget Collector will be returning to live blog the Superbowl later today.  Coverage will begin at 3:00 PM Pacific Time.

Will you be there?  I guess I will.

Wait what channel is the damn thing streaming on?