Sunday, February 13, 2022

Los Angeles Rams 0 - Cincinnati Bengals 0 - 9:57

 Yeah, SO-FI has a lake.  And no parking.  None.  Parking is more than tickets for most games today.

1st down - 8 yard pass, nicely done.  

I haven't been following NFL for a few years, no idea who Joe Burrow is.  He won a heisman and a national college championship.  Oh LSU.

2nd down - run - 1 yard

3rd down - run - stuffed 4th down and 1.  Do they go for it around the 50?


Or they're just trying to get a penalty

Incomplete pass. All right Rams stopped and get great yardage.


Oscar Isaac movie.  Nope this is for Moon Knight, the TV series  from Disney + - Cool.

Rakuten - Hunh?

Oh geeze the talking baby?  Is that Ryan Reynolds voice?  Or Will Arnett?  E-trade again.  

Ewen McGregor - I just want to see you in Obi Wan.  Not commercials.  Expedia.

Oh gawd Law and Order is coming back yet again?

I don't care about the Half-Time show, but I'll watch I guess.

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