Sunday, February 13, 2022

Los Angeles Rams 0 - Cincinnati Bengals 0 - 11:54 First


Touchback.  When did they start doing it from the 25 yard line?

2nd down, pass to Akers, and First Down...

3rd play, Bengals not fooled on a late handoff to the right.  

4th play, Sacked.  Crud.  3rd and 19. 

5th play, dumbarse handoff and loses yards.   4th and 20. 

What the hell?

Bengals get great field position on the punt.  Net yards for the Rams - 1.  NOT a good start


I think it's a commercial for something?  No it's a car commercial.  Terrible.

Zendayas seashells - clever.  OK Squarespace....

Dolly Parton - I LOVE YOU DOLLY PARTON.  I don't care what you shill, you rock.  She's giving all her theme park employees a college education.

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