Sunday, February 13, 2022

Los Angeles Rams 13 - Cincinnati Bengals 10 - 2:00 Second

 Beckham out for who knows...

First down...Hopkins catch for 16.

Penalty - #2 in the game and second on the Rams.

Damn Higbee is out for this game.  He's a great TE

And Intercepted in the Endzone.  Well that could have been better.

TwoMinute Warning

TurboTax - I've used them for the last several years, but they SUCK DIDDLY UCK andI should be able to find a cheaper one this year.  This is yuck too.

WALLBOX - They paid how much for that?

Morgan Freeman Narration = win.  Turkish Airlines?

Beer Big Lebowski Homage - Yuck.

Pizza Hut - I don't like my pizza spicy.  Burritos, sure.  Tacos OK.  Chili yum.  Pizza?  

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