Thursday, March 31, 2016

Upper Deck E-Pack Application

Yeah yeah I know, I said I wouldn't be posting anymore, well I lied.

Here's a new program that I'm definitely participating in, it's called Upper Deck E-Pack, and it's basically an online version of their flagship Hockey set.

Some of my better Kings inserts

Online?  Yep.  Digital?  Yep.  Trading?  Yep.  On phones?  Soon.  Can you get physical cards?  KIND OF.  Free to play?  Yeah, sort of.

Wait, what?


Every day you log in you can get a 3 card pack for free, they're all base cards, no inserts.  So you CAN play for free.  If you collect 10 copies of a base card you can trade them in for a foil version of that card.  Base cards are only digital though.

Foils, Canvas and an Insert
Packs of 8 cards cost $3.99 plus tax.  Just like in normal stores I guess.  I haven't bought any packs lately.  Each pack I've bought (and I've bought a few) has an insert, anything from the lame-o Shining Stars to Young Guns, and Jerseys.  Odds seem to be the same as a physical pack.

Jerseys?  Digital Jerseys?

Yeah, all the inserts are physical cards that UD scanned supposedly.  AND you can have them shipped to you directly or transferred to your COMC account (for a fee unfortunately)

And you can now trade.  Young Guns are by and far the most popular trade bait, everyone want's em, because you can foil them too.  Foils are digital exclusive.  There's also two digital exclusive sets that aren't available in any physical packs.  One is called Code to Greatness, and if you can collect the entire set you get 2 bonus cards.  The other is Instant Impression.

One nice thing is that they tell you exactly how many of any given card there are in the app at any time.  For example, I know that when I traded my Young Guns Panarin for a Clear Cut Doughty, there were something like 300 of the Young Guns and only 8 of the Doughtys available.  Pretty simple math to me.

Base plus Young Guns
My user name is GRENDELSON over there, if you want to trade I'm game.  I have more than a few inserts, and I'm ONLY collecting LA Kings Cards.  I'm not looking for any more base LA Kings, but if you have inserts I'm ready to trade.


Drew Doughty Clear Cut Superstars.  So far there are only 8 of these in the app

Part of my "Wish List" - Helps in Trading