Thursday, August 21, 2008

This and That

Today's post is just a list of stuff. I know in my Pet Peeves entry I decry numbered lists, so instead of numbers I give you bullets. If I could figure out how to turn them into baseballs, I would.

  • Did you know that you can get the same Major League Baseball notes that the teams send out to the media each day? For free? Online? Well, you can. Right Here. Download them before each and every game and amaze your friends with the sheer amount of trivia that you know. It's FUN!

  • Yesterday on one of my MANY trips to Target I bought their last three packs of Allen & Ginter retail and proved my theory that you can in fact search them. Out of the three packs one was decidedly thicker, and of course that one had the State Insert in it. The other two, just six cards including the mini.

  • I bought one other pack yesterday, a 2005 Topps Updates and Highlights for $1.59. Mass Market stores tend to have a blowout box of "excel marketing" packs, which are older product for usually either 99 cents or $1.59. The product is usually not that old, and is absolutely unsearched. How do I know? I pulled a jersey out of my pack yesterday. Sure, I don't particularly care about the player, but this particular card shows that a scant few years ago, Topps actually KNEW how to manufacture a great jersey card. First, it's numbered, out of a smallish number too. Secondly, it says flat out that the swatch was used in a specific game (albeit the All-Star game). Finally, though some may disagree, I actually like the design. The colors, while garish, aren't awful and they go with the actual team colors, though that appears to be unintentional. Sure the card is probably worth less than five bucks, but hey, I love getting jerseys out of a pack that costs less than two bucks.

  • Two pieces that I wrote for Sports Cards Uncensored have gotten a bit of traction. The first is a response to Cardboard Mania and his initial contention that Topps deliberately produced an error card in Bowman Chrome (Kosuke Fukudome at that). The second is a response to his response, and has some great comments, so make sure you scroll down all the way. I don't think the issue is put to bed, but there's a bit more light that needs to be shed on the cards in question. Either way, there's no way that card is worth the mega-bucks that people on eBay want for it.

  • Speaking of SCU, please read this post and if you can, give what you can. A very worthy cause in my opinion.

  • Remember, if you're in my Fantasy Footbal league, the draft is set for Saturday at 12:30 PM. I had to rearrange my schedule for Saturday in order to be available.


Anonymous said...

Interested in selling that card? The all star jersey of course. I collect them specifically.

William Noetling said...

Sure, though I'd rather trade you for something Angels related.

But if not then yeah, I'll sell it to ya.

I'll drop you an email.

Patsearcher said...

Retail packs are indeed searchable. I pulled a David Ortiz jersey card out of my only pack of A&G yesterday from Target.

William Noetling said...

Nice pull. Couple of weeks ago I pulled my second relic out of A&G, a Teixiera jersey, with a red swatch! Kismet I say!

Oh and FYI - my draft is at 11:30 am not 12:30 PM. My bad.

stusigpi said...

Sorry my email is I am not a huge trader, not sure what I have that is Angels related? Let me know how much you want.

dayf said...

The MLB notes page is absolutely amazing. Thanks for that.

Great pull on that patch card. You can find some gems in junk packs every so often, my best was a Chipper Jones jersey out of an old pack of Authentix.

Gellman said...

Thanks again for supporting my cause. Your help is greatly appreciated.