Friday, February 27, 2009

Wanna Do Some Non-Sports Trading?

So currently I'm collecting THREE different Topps Non-Sports Sets - no, not one of them is iCarly either!

Topps American Heritage
Have 70 out of 125 base
Have 2 out of 25 SP
Have 3 out 44 Presidents
Have 1 out of 125 Chrome
Have 1 out of 125 Chrome Refractor
Have 17 Doubles
Have 2 Triples

Topps Barack Obama
Have 50 out of 90 base
Have 4 out of 18 stickers
Have 4 out of 18 foil stickers
Have 14 doubles
Have 3 double stickers (all #16 "Our Time)

Topps Indiana Jones Masterpieces
Have 46 out of 90 base
Have 4 of 9 foil art cards
Have 1 of 6 Etched Foil cards
Have 12 doubles

If you're collecting any of those three, please email me at or leave me a comment here indicating whatcha got and whatcha want! If you'd rather have your favorite baseball or basketball team's cards, I can certain do those trades (and would rather to be honest, since I don't have a lot of doubles for these sets, though I certainly don't need the ones I have). Since I still have large numbers of cards for all 3 sets needed, I don't have a specific wants list, but I can put one together.

Also, I'm ALWAYS trading for Angels Baseball and UCLA Bruins Alumni Basketball Cards. As always if you have a favorite team you want from me, I'm more than willing to do those trades. I haven't done any internet trading for a little while, so I'm kind of itching to get back into it.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Picks

Actor - Sean Penn
Actress - Kate Winslett
Supporting Actor - Heath Ledger
Supporting Actress - Penelope Cruz
Director - Danny Boyle
Picture - Slumdog Millionare
Original Script - Wall-E
Adapted Script - Slumdog Millionaire
Animated Film - Wall-E

That's all I'm picking, I don't really have much of an interest in picking the rest.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shamless Plug

I decided to go ahead and put the Griffey on eBay, the auction link is HERE.

I've followed the auctions that have ended thus far, and here's the results:

# of Items sold: 10
# of items unsold: 1 ($99.95)
Highest Price Paid: $79.00
Lowest Price Paid: $34.03
Average Price Paid: $53.51

I included shipping in all prices because, well frankly, I think it's part of the price to pay these days. None of the shipping prices for the single were over $3.00, and many were free. I've decided to give free shipping in the United States so that I can maximize my potential buying audience.

Did I mention that my Buy It Now price is more than $10 LOWER than the average price paid for this card thus far on eBay? Did I mention that my BIN is lower than ALL but one of the previously sold items?

Am I a good salesman or what?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2009 Baseball Cards are out!

As many, many other sports card bloggers have probably already made you aware, both Topps and Upper Deck have released their first 2009 Baseball Cards, and thankfully both releases are their "base" brands. I have managed to snag a few packs of bother series, and I have comments below.

I also found Topps American Heritage at retail and a couple packs managed their way home as well. This set it right up my alley, as it combines American History and trading cards with a decidedly 21st Century sports-related twist. I'd have to say that Topps has been utilizing the most post-modern designs lately, except that I can't really say that since the only thing making them PoMo is the fact that 90% of what makes their design concepts solid is that they use them over and over making them ubiquitous. TAH follows pretty much all of the "Heritage" design hallmarks, old-style cardboard, classic card designs that follow the quintessential Topps sets of the 60s and 70s, and kitschy cartoons on the backs that compliment the actual blurbs nicely.

Here's three of my favorites out of the two packs I got:

Could John Calhoun look any more menacing? He belongs in the streching room of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion!

This is just a kick-arse card of Malcolm X. I could be a tool and say that this is my homage to Black History Month, but then I'd be a tool. Suffice to say that I really appreciate the fact that this American Heritage set isn't made up of nothing but white males.

I think more people ought to remember who Crispus Attucks was, after all without him the Revolutionary War might not have happened. He was truly the first American Martyr.

I did manage to pull one of the 25 short-prints, but it's a John McCain card, so I don't really feel like scanning it and posting it. I would love to piece this set together, but in the end I'll probably end up purchasing a full set on eBay, since they're running pretty cheap right now. I would love to pull a relic though out of this set, there's so many cool ones, including cards with wood that came from the USS Constitution, the oldest commissioned ship in the United States Navy. You know "Old Ironsides."

2009 Upper Deck Baseball Series 1 First Impressions

As I said earlier, I bought my first two hobby packs of UD today, while I deplore the $6 to $7 price point for the hobby packs, I'm pleased with my first two. Then again, I got the box relic hit, so why woulnd't I be pleased?

I'm REALLY not fond of all of the gold that's plastered all over these cards, and the front design harkens back to several years ago which is never a good sign. The backs are just as pedestrain, but at least UD is going with full stats these days. Again there's way too much gold ink on these cards, and I wonder what the First Edition cards are going to be looking like. I also wonder if I'm going to like them better.

Frankie's last card as an Angel. That's the way I'll remember him, fired up. I would have loved the Halos to have kept Krod, but I know why they let him go and I can't say I disagree with them. I don't hate him though, as other Angel fans seem to. He's a ballplayer like all the rest, he goes where the money is, and right now it's in New York. I'd be surprised though if he succeeds there.

Each hobby pack has 20 cards, seems like at least one of them is a Team USA Card, I pulled 2 of the Under 18 players. I have no idea who they are to be honest, but hey who knows, someday one of them might become an Angel.

I got two other inserts, one in each pack: one was a Yankee Stadium Legacy Continuation, and the other was a Documentary Continuation. While I think the latter is fine, the former is just now excessive, not that it wasn't before. At least I know that the damn things can actually sell on eBay.

Then there's the relic that I hit:

I have to say that this is by far one of the coolest relics that I've pulled. Sure, I haven't pulls hundreds of relics like some of you, I've only pulled MAYBE a couple dozen over the years (remember, I pulled my first dual auto just a couple weeks ago). Apparently this bad-boy isn't part of any specific sub-set, it's a card all by it's lonesome. At least the back states pretty clearly that "You have received a trading card with Ken Griffey Jr. Game-Used baseball memorabilia. The memorabilia has been certified to us as having been used in an official Major League Baseball game." So it probably wasn't the bat that he USED to hit his 600th HR, but at least it was HIS bat that WAS used in a game. Better than the normal boiler-plate nonsense that lawyers demand go on the backs of these things. I just checked eBay, and there are only three copies listed, currently one's selling for about $5, one's selling for about $15 and one has a opening bid of $150. I haven't decided if I'm going to keep this one, proabably not. If someone out there wants it make me an offer - you know what I like...Angels and Bruins (the UCLA Basketball Variety).

Based on only a couple packs, I can pretty much confide that I'm not really impressed with UD's opening salvo of the 2009 Baseball Card Campaign. There's nothing really overtly different to make me want to buy dozens and dozens of packs, though we'll have to see what the retail packs have in them to distinguish them from Hobby. I can say though that even with the good luck I had today, I probably won't be buying a whole lot of UD's base issue this season...

2009 Topps Series One First Impressions

That's because I'll be obsessed with Topps initial set of the season. Yes, once again I'm overly enamored of a Topps base product design. I don't know what it is to be honest, maybe it's all the colorways that the cards come in (coded by team if I'm not mistaken). Maybe it's the arch design on the back, complete with the goofy "factoids" above them. I think though, the end result is more than the sum of it's parts. Sure Topps goes overly nutso with the parallels, but I can ignore those, and hey, Gold Parallels that are numbered don't really suck.

Out of the three packs I bought at Target on Monday I managed only one decent insert, this Legends of the Game Babe Ruth. To be honest I'm not sure if this is the Target Variation Version or the Regular Version, but either way, it's pretty nice.

I must be one of those really odd collectors in that I actually enjoy the interactive elements of Card Collecting these days, in that I mean I enjoy ToppsTown and am looking forward to UpperDeckU. ToppsTown Codes this year are individual player cards, which is nice. Unfortunately the codes do not work quite yet. At least they didn't yesterday. I don't particularly care that they're now considered an insert card, because at least they have players on them, and the design doesn't suck that badly. As an aside, there are codes on the inside wrappers of Upper Deck packs for UpperDeckU.Com. They don't work yet either. That's just bad planning on both companies' part. If you launch a product, you should make DAMN SURE that the interactive element is WORKING BEFORE the product hits the street.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 23 FINAL

Pittsburgh how now won six Superbowls, as I felt they would. Didn't cover the spread though, so Vegas is still going to take a bath.

Arizona came to play, but the Steelers created when they had to. They didn't show up at all in the second half until the last two minutes.

Certainly exciting, but I really don't think the Steelers "earned" the victory to be honest. Arizona didn't want to win in the end.

Great game for Gunslinger aficinados, both teams COMBINED for 91 yards rushing. The WINNING team had 58 yards rushing in 26 attempts. That doesn't say much.

Edgerrin James is going to want to forget his "non-factor" line of 9 attempts for 33 yards, though he did catch 4 balls for 28 yards.

Today's game was all about the aerial attacks. I like those types of games, so it's all good.

Will the Steelers be back? Doubtful. I didn't think they were that good this year, and I didn't think the Giants were that good last year. Just proves, the best team doesn't always win.

Though the best team playing today sure did.


Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 27 Arizona 23. 00:15 4th

77 yards in 29 seconds, with 2 time outs.

Well, there's about 33 yards with no more time outs.

They have to go 40 something yards in 15 seconds

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 26, Arizona 23 00:35 4th

Should be 27-23 in a minute, because they're not calling that one back.

35 seconds.

Not a lot of time, but enough.

Superbowl XLIII - Arizona 23, Pittsburgh 20 00:49 4th

I'll be HAPPY with a tie at this point.

Superbowl XLIII - Airzona 23, Pittsburgh 20 1:01

I wouldn't mind seeing an overtime game to be honest, there's never been one, so that's a novelty.

I'd rather see the Cards win though. If it comes down to a field goal, it will certainly be appropriate and exciting.

Superbowl XLIII - Arizona 23, Pittsbrugh 20. 2:00 4th

This CERTAINLY has been an interesting game, much like last year's game. If the Cards win, Vegas stands to lost a LOT of money again.

Warner's a lock for the Hall if they win, then again, if Roethelisberger wins, you gotta think his resume just took a turn toward Canton.

Superbowl XLIII - Arizona 23, Pittsburgh 20. 2:30


Arizona's Defense should be MVP (if they win)

Superbowl XLIII - Arizona 23, Pittsburgh 20. 2:37

HOLY SHIT! ONE STINKING PLAY. If the Cards can hold on, this is the greatest comeback EVER in Superbowl History.

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 20, Arizona 16

Well, now this is it...2:53 to score a touchdown.

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 20, Arizona 16: 2:58 4th

OH WOW, what a HUGE turn of events. Safety in the endzone on Holding....WOW. Warner will get about 2:45 with what, 2 time outs and the 2 minute warning. Oh man. Oh man.

What a great game.

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 20, Arizona 14. 3:04 4th

That was ALMOST a safety. Too bad. There's going to be a sequence of game making plays here. IF the Cards can hold and get a punt, the game is very winnable.

If not...

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 20, Arizona 14. 3:27

After the punt and penalty, the Steelers get the ball on the what, 1/2 foot line?

Harrison should be tossed for the last punch and penalty.

If the Cards D can sack up here, we've still got a game.

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 20, Arizona 14. 3:46 4th

The Cards are making it a game aren't they? Despite a very stupid penalty on 1st and 10 from the 26...

Warner has a ton of time, and was making great throws up until that last play

Brenda Sighting

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 20, Arizona 14. 5:28 4th

I HATE THE MACGRUBER commercials. They were old on Saturday Night Live as a sketch, now they just suck outright.

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 20, Arizona 14. 5:28 4th

Well, they made the stop, should get decent field position and have about 6 minutes to win the game.

That's more than enough time for Warner, Fitzgerald, Boldin and James.

Which one of them could be the hero?

We'll see...75 yards to go, 5:28 left on the clock. Seems like we've got ourselves a game

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 20, Arizona 14. 7:25 4th

No onside kick. Interesting. I think the Cards have all three of their time outs left, so I guess they figure a defensive stop will give them enough time to try to come back and win.

I hope so anyway.

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 20, Arizona 14 7:33 4th

MVP Voting is up - I voted for James Harris 4 times

Fitzgerald with a circus catch for the score. Wow.

This last drive is exactly what the Cards needed. Part 1 complete, score the TD. Now they have to get the ball back on the onside kick.

Taco Bell Enchilada Ad = Creepy

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsbrugh 20 Arizona 7 11:50 4th

The Cardinals have just under 12 minutes to score two touchdowns. It can happen. It probably won't, but it CAN happen. If it did, it would be the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.

I had heard they were redoing the old Joe Greene Coke commercial, I have to say, the new one stinks.

Damn, did Cash4old buy adtime on the Superbowl? And actually PAY Ed McMahon and MC Hammer? Damn.

I'll bet we see Brenda Warner at least twice more in this game.

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsbrugh 20 Arizona 7 12:18 4th

Kurt Warner's Wife doesn't look as old as she used to:

IF the Cards can stop them on 3rd and 8 then MAYBE there might be a game.

Superbowl XLIII - Pitsburgh 20, Arizona 7. 13:40 4th

Blogspot has eaten my last two posts. Argh.

I can't re-type it a third I'll be brief.

6:08 PN 4th Quarter starts.

Coke commercial with the insects/plants drinking Coke = Disturbing

Cards rapidly losing this game. Penalties are killing them. As I type those words they get another one.

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 20, Arizona 7 2:11 3rd

At least the Cardinal Defense is doing well on goal-line stands.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen looks impressive. I guess that last HUGE bot chasing what looks like a TINY Optimus Prime is Devastator...

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 17, Arizona 7. 2:49 3rd

THREE Penalties on the Cards for 35 yards this drive alone. GAME KILLER.

Too bad Rolle couldn't catch the ball.

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 17, Arizona 7. 10:59 3rd

Oooh Dennys free Grand Slam breakfast on Tuesday from 6 AM to Noon.

The Bridgestone Tires Moon Rover ad was clever for being a one-joke ad.

At least Arizona is 2-0 in challenges.

The Cards have got to stop Pittsburgh here and get them to go 3 and out, if not, they're going to have a very, very tough time coming back.

Another Clydesdale commercial, clever.

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 17, Arizona 7 - 12:08 3rd

Boldin is out, Boldin is back in...he's an important piece for the Cards, if he's hurt, they're done.

I expect the Cards to fight to the bitter end, but I don't think they'll come closer than 3 points.

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 17, Arizona 7. 15:00 3rd

I'm not a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, in fact I think the ONLY album of his I've ever owned was Born in the USA. Still, I enjoyed his performance, he certainly is a showman on stage, and boy was he pumped. The band sounded as good as any band playing in the biggest annual sporting event on the planet. Yes, I know, the World Cup of Futbol is bigger, but it's not an ANNUAL event.

Now we'll get a ton of promos and bumpers and a bit more analysis before the second half starts. Sigh.

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 17, Arizona 7 00:00 2nd

That last play was just horrible for the Cardinals. They have a whopping 10 yards rushing. That is NOT going to cut it. That was a huge 14 point swing, if you figure that the Cards were going to score a touchdown, it would have been 14-10 Arizona.

Wow, typing with 3D glasses on is TOUGH.

Costas and company are now going to analyze to death the last play, as well they should I might add. I STILL can't believe that Harrison didn't either run out of bounds, or actually made it all the way. Honestly if the Steelers win the game, Harrison has GOT to be a candidate for MVP. In fact, I think I'll make sure I vote for him right now.

Oh can't vote yet, gotta wait until the Fourth Quarter. Let's see, it's now 5:03 on the West Coast...I'll be amazed if the Fourth Quarter starts by 6:15 PM.

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh ?? Arizona 7 00:00 2nd

UM OK. I told ya a few posts back that Warner was going to throw a pick, and boy, bad timing eh?

Now, did James Harrison step out of bounds during the runback? Where was he when he went down?

I can't believe that the penalty was on the Cards.

I don't think the call on the field will be reviewed. I think it's going to be 17-7 at Half.

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 10, Arizona 7 2:00 2nd

Well now, that changes things dramatically. If Arizona is smart they'll run out the clock and ensure that they get at least a field goal. Remember they deferred on the coin flip so they'll get the ball to start the 3rd quarter.

Oh that commercial was disturbing.

Now they're giving away the chance to call a play during the Pro Bowl? Does it mean so little? Sure next year the game is going to move to the week BEFORE the Superbowl and is going to be played at the same stadium as the Big Game. I'm ASSuming that none of the players chosen that are in the Superbowl will be playing in the meaningless Pro Bowl.

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 10, Arizona 7. 2:46 2nd

Oh no, the E-Trade Baby ads are back. Can I tell you how much I ABHOR that ad campaign?

My 3D Glasses are ready.

Edgerrin DROPS the ball on 3rd and 22? Oh well, coffin corner punt maybe? Yup, looks like Pittsburgh is starting on their own 16.

I love Pixar films, but I'm sorry, their new one Up is really not doing a thing for me, and I suspect that the main character might turn of a ton of other potential movie-goers.

Oh I'm so looking forward to Bruce Springsteen at Halftime. Yeah right. Sure, they've been getting HUGE stars to play the Superbowl halftime show in the last few years, but really, I want to watch the freaking GAME.

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 10, Arizona 7. 2:59 2nd

Well, I think the momentum has certainly shifted towards the West.

I love Al Michaels explaining the full circle of Edgerrin James. I was never happy with the way that the Colts ditched Marshall Faulk like the way they did, but then I guess the same thing happened to James as well, so meh.

On first down James had more yards than all the previous running plays combined.

Ouch, nasty sack on Warner. Here I was thinking that the short field would give an advantage to the Cardinals aerial attack, but at 3rd and 22, not sure there's anything you can do.

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 10, Arizona 7. 8:34 2nd

Well, Warner gets a lucky one. There were a couple of moments during that drive that looked pretty dodgy, but Warner pulls one out of his rear-end yet again. I hope that I was wrong about the Steelers, since I'd really, really rather see the Cards win the game.

That commercial was playing like a weird Wes Anderson movie sped up and bastardized. My wife merely called it "stupid".

If I'm not mistaken, the Cardinals don't have 10 rushing yards yet. I'm right, 4 rushes for 4 yards.

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 10, Arizona 0. 13:54 2nd

You know, it dawns on me that one minute and six seconds of game time has now taken at LEAST 10 minutes of real-time.

I always like the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials.

The Star Trek trailer look good, again I saw it last night.

I like the interstirtials that NBC is using that show off all the NFL Bling.

I have our 3D Glasses ready for the Monsters Vs. Aliens preview. How sad am I? I also have a sheet of uncut glasses that I may sell on eBay. Even sadder hunh?

Don't you wish that John Madden would just retire already? "You know pass protection is going to be a thing."

As good as the Cardinal offense is, I don't think they can play with the Steeler Defense. Warner's going to give up a pick real soon.

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 10, Arizona 0 - 14:01 2nd

So there was the Land of the Lost trailer. You know I just realized that Will Ferrell played "Marshall Willandholly" in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and now he's playing Marshall in the movie remake of the original series.

I love that original series, by the way. I'm actually looking forward to the remake. COuld work. Probably won't, but could.

So now, I'm calling the game for the Steelers. I'll watch the rest, but I really don't think the Cards can come back.

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 3 Arizona 0 - 15:00 2nd

Wow, that was a quick quarter. It's just after 4:00 on the West Coast and we're done with a whole quater.

I knew they were making a fourth Fast and the Furious but to not even change the name at all? Whatever.

I'm going out on a limb here, if the Steelers score a touchdown, it's over

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 3, Arizona 0 6:15 1st

Madden: "He's the third wide-receiver, so when you see him on the field the Cardinals have gone to a three wide-receiver set."

Why did the Cards run on 2nd and 20 when the previous two run plays went for a whopping 3 yards, and a fumble?

Conan Bud Commercial = Funny. Vroom Vroom you party starter.

Michael Cera and Jack Black in Year One - Oh that looks hilarious.

Super Bowl XLIII Pittsburgh 3, Arizona 0 9:45 1st

Wow, that was certainly interesting, a seemingly good Touchdown is taken off the board and Pittsbrugh is forced to kick a FG. This might be a game afterall. The Steelers scoring so darn quickly was looking pretty bad for the Cards, but they held on third and gold.

Also that Audi commercial featuring Jason Statham in different eras, well I'm kind of assuming as the "Transporter" character, was nifty.

Oh I really hope we get a Land of the Lost trailer.

Super Bowl XLIII

Live From Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Florida, it's Super Bowl XLIII featuring the Steelers of Pittsburgh versus the Cardinals of Arizona.

In years past I've live-blogged the game, I haven't decided how much of that I'm going to do today, I think it really depends on the game itself. If it's a stinker, well, that means a lot of blogging.

I skipped MOST of the 5+ hours of pre-game coverage on NBC this year, I've done the marathon in years past, and I'm just not that pumped for this game in the first place. Unlike other bloggers I really didn't buy ANY football cards to bust for the game, though I did manage to snag a couple of cool cards. This morning I bought two more packs of Topps Obama cards, and made it to just about half of the base set, but pulled my THIRD of one of the stickers. Also bought two more packs of Indiana Jones Masterpieces and brought up that collection to just about halfway finished. Sooner or later I'll put up wants/have lists for trading.

I did also manage to purchase two of the Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Hobby Preview packs and pulled a Petersen and a Tom Brady. I'll probably send the AD out to Gellman. Haven't decided what to do with the rest, though I might make a post about this interesting set.

Back to gave coverage:

The G.I. Joe Movie

commercial just aired. I saw it last night, but it was nice to see a bigger version. Can't say I'm all THAT pumped, since I think it's going to suck pretty hard and flop, but hey, there's a Doctor Who in the commercial, so that's good.

I may be back later.