Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 23 FINAL

Pittsburgh how now won six Superbowls, as I felt they would. Didn't cover the spread though, so Vegas is still going to take a bath.

Arizona came to play, but the Steelers created when they had to. They didn't show up at all in the second half until the last two minutes.

Certainly exciting, but I really don't think the Steelers "earned" the victory to be honest. Arizona didn't want to win in the end.

Great game for Gunslinger aficinados, both teams COMBINED for 91 yards rushing. The WINNING team had 58 yards rushing in 26 attempts. That doesn't say much.

Edgerrin James is going to want to forget his "non-factor" line of 9 attempts for 33 yards, though he did catch 4 balls for 28 yards.

Today's game was all about the aerial attacks. I like those types of games, so it's all good.

Will the Steelers be back? Doubtful. I didn't think they were that good this year, and I didn't think the Giants were that good last year. Just proves, the best team doesn't always win.

Though the best team playing today sure did.


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