Thursday, November 12, 2009

Team Trading Update - Arrivals & Departures + Destinations Needed

Happy Thursday everyone. I hope you all had a good Veteran's Day and honored the armed forces of our country appropriately.

I received my first package of Angels cards today, and am very pleased. I'm just about ready to send off my end for pretty much everyone, however, I find that I need some if you've claimed a team lot, please make sure I have your address so that I can get these packages ready to go.

    The Following Readers Have Claimed Teams, but I don't have your address:

  • Wickedortega - Marlins & two singles
  • Jackplumstead - Red Sox
  • Jason C. - Reds
  • Collective Troll - Rays & Orioles
  • Brian - Rangers
  • Dayf - Braves

Ah, and HERE are the Topps Chrome/Heritage Chrome that I have available. I'll be listing these in two posts, first up the GOOD stuff - and yes I know they're not all that spectacular. I'm looking for 1 for 1 or better deals here; Angels only of course. You can see my favorite players on the main page, always like Vladdies, Torii's, etc. Also love Reggie Jacksons, Rod Carews and older players. American Heritage chromes/inserts (especially the space flight ones) are also high on my want list.

2009 Topps Heritage Chrome Parallels

C29 Rick Ankiel Refractor #197/560
C55 Russell Martin #1792/1960
C25 Scott Kazmir #1530/1960
C64 Yadier Molina #1570/1960

2008 Topps Heritage Chrome Parallels

C169 Adam Jones Refractor #063/559
C167 Brett Myers #0722/1959
C287 Greg Dobbs #203/1959

2009 Topps Chrome

78 Joe Crede refractor

2008 Topps Chrome

Copper Refractor
186 Paul Maholm #108/550

Blue Refractors
24 Ivan Rodriguez
92 Adam Dunn
132 Chipper Jones

35 Mike Cameron
116 Josh Hamilton
154 Brian Bannister

75 CC Sabathia
79 Paul Konerko
119 Cameron Maybin
145 Francisco Liriano
163 Greg Maddux
181 Matt Kemp
218 Burke Badenhop

50th Anniversary Rookies
ARC2 Ivan Rodriguez
ARC13 Matt Holiday
ARC19 Nick Markakis - Blue Refractor #191/200

Retro Inserts
TCCP16 Jacoby Ellsbury
TCCP 7 Chin-Lung Hu

Trading Card History Chromes
TCHC27 Manny Ramirez
TCHC29 Ivan Rodriguez
TCHC42 Jake Peavy
TCHC44 Matt Holiday
TCHC46 Troy Tulowitzki

Mantle Series

2007 Bowman Chrome

154 Chris Young Refractor


Nachos Grande said...

I'd be interested in:
2009 Topps Heritage Chrome:
C25, C55, and C64

Shoot me an email at:
fanofreds DOT auctions AT gmail DOT com if you are interested!

dayf said...

Hi, I just resent my address. if you don't get it, just shoot me an e-mail.

Mad Guru said...

I'm interested in the Dunn. Could you please send me an e-mail? ludequus at gmail. Thanks.

Alfredo Ortega said...

ARC19 Nick Markakis - Blue Refractor #191/200 can you pleasea add this one to my pile... and my email is please send me your email and your address and then i'll send you mines.....

William Noetling said...

Guys, can you please OFFER me something for the singles before I email you?

Play at the Plate said...

I may be dense...I can't find your email. Can you shoot me an email (it's on my profile) and I'll reply with an address. Thanks a bunch. I'm interested in the Hamilton and the Ivan Rodriguez cards on the post, just need to find something to offer.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry dude i won't let you down... Torri jersey card??? plus i always throw in the nice stuff.... just email me!

Mad Guru said...

Sorry. I'm new to the whole online trading thing. As a matter of fact, my first ever trade (with Thorzul which should be up on his site this week) was only recently. You want Angels, I can give you Angels. I'm just getting back into collecting so I don't have a lot of modern stuff. Dunn's my favorite player. If you have more of his, I'll dig up more stuff in return. Are there particular eras that appeal to you.

William Noetling said...

OK Guys, I'll trust you, I've gotten so many great cards already. I'll be posting again in a few moments to update everyone as to where I'm at with trading. THANKS!