Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Team Trading - Update & Housekeeping

Team trades have started to arrive. Thus far I've gotten three packages, one from Ed, one from DayF and one from Andy. My packages to you WILL be going out this week, I promise. Between the toddler's unwillingness to potty-train, her constant constipation (yes, we're going through all the tried and true solutions), and a mini-financial crisis I've fallen a bit behind. Rest assured though, I have never failed to come through on a trade and I won't start doing so now.

THIS is a full listing of all the singles I have left to trade

2009 Topps Heritage Chrome Parallels

C29 Rick Ankiel Refractor #197/560

2008 Topps Heritage Chrome Parallels

C169 Adam Jones Refractor #063/559
C167 Brett Myers #0722/1959
C287 Greg Dobbs #203/1959

2009 Topps Chrome

78 Joe Crede refractor

2008 Topps Chrome

Copper Refractor
186 Paul Maholm #108/550

35 Mike Cameron
154 Brian Bannister

75 CC Sabathia
79 Paul Konerko
119 Cameron Maybin
145 Francisco Liriano
163 Greg Maddux
181 Matt Kemp
218 Burke Badenhop

50th Anniversary Rookies
ARC13 Matt Holiday

Retro Inserts
TCCP16 Jacoby Ellsbury
TCCP 7 Chin-Lung Hu

Trading Card History Chromes
TCHC27 Manny Ramirez
TCHC42 Jake Peavy
TCHC44 Matt Holiday
TCHC46 Troy Tulowitzki

Mantle Series

2007 Bowman Chrome

154 Chris Young Refractor

Various Singles

2008 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Preview Set #UD-51 Babe Ruth
2008 Upper Deck 97-BS Ben Sheets Jersey (White swatch)
2008 Upper Deck 98-MB Mark Bueherle Jersey (White w/Pinstripe)
2009 Upper Deck GCP -1 Joe Dimaggio Goodwin Champions Preview

Team Lots - between 25 and 80 cards apiece

All MLB teams available EXCEPT:

Red Sox


I know it's sort of a tradition when trading on blogs to go ahead and post the cards you get in a trade, and I fully intend on doing so. In fact, I've even got scans of 8 cards that I can't wait to post. HOWEVER, apparently Blogger isn't accepting the photos right now which are housed currently on my network drive. I want to get this posted though, so I'll try to get those up later today or tomorrow.

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