Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mini-Figure Trading Time

 I'm pretty sure it's no secret that I collect Mini-Figures of all shapes and sizes.  Be they Lego, Kre-O, K'Nex, OYO Toys, Mega Brands or Character Building, I've got a mini-figure or two.  Some lines more than others.  Character Building is my current favorite, they of the awesome Doctor Who line.

To that end - here's my doubles that I have to trade:

Doctor Who Blind Bag Series 3
Judoon Trooper

Doctor Who 11 Doctors Blind Bags
3rd Doctor
6th Doctor
7th Doctor
10th Doctor

Scooby-Doo Character Building (no stands)

Character Building Blind Bags (no stands)
Race Car Driver African American
Red Shield Knight

Simpsons Lego Mini-Figs

And here's what I NEED from the Doctor Who Character Building Line:

Series 1 Blind
Weeping Angel Serene

Series 2 Blind
Silent Open Mouth 

Series 3 Blind
Rory Eyepatch 

11 Doctors Blind
1st Doctor
5th Doctor
8th Doctor

Brix Wave Blind
Judoon No Helm
Sontaran No Helm
11th Doctor with Fez
Dalek Black

Non Blind Bagged
Dalek Orange
11th Doctor Blue Tie (Newspaper)
Dalek Yellow (Newspaper)
Amy Pond Red Hands (Newspaper)
Space Man (Cyberman Conversion Set)
Cyberman Damaged (Cyberman set)
Cyberman No Logo (Cyberman Set)
Cyber Leader Brain (Cyberman Set)
2nd Doctor Gold (11 Doctors Set 2)
3rd Doctor Maroon (11 Doctors Set 2)
4th Doctor Green (11 Doctors Set 2)

11th Doctor Maroon (11 Doctors Set 2)

If you want to trade please let me know via email or comment (comments are all moderated).

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Buy My Cards on eBay!!!

Looking at my seller dashboard, eBay tells me that my first ever sale was in 2002 and that I've sold over 1000 items for just about $5,400 since then.  Those numbers aren't all that spectacular, but they are decent in my humble opinion.  Up until the last couple of months I did what every other seller usually did, list items for a 5 or 7 day auction, but I've recently seen the light, and am now simply listing each item on a 30 day fixed price.  WITH FREE SHIPPING in the UNITED STATES.  Yes, that's right.  I start most of my items between $1.29 and $1.49, with only a select few priced higher than that.  Anything priced higher than $2.00 can be bought with a best-offer bid.

NOW, free shipping really only includes an envelope and a stamp.  If you buy more than one card then I'll throw them in a padded envelope.  I haven't had any complaints with my shipments.

So check out my current auctions, there's going to be a bit of everything up over the next few days, AND if you buy something and tell me that you read about it in my blog in a note with your payment I'll go ahead and throw something free in your shipment.

Click and Check out my auctions