Friday, July 25, 2008

Wanted to'n'G

OK first of all, there's something WRONG with my browser. Every time I try to type a title in the title box it turns into some weird boxes. So then I have to write the title in the entry box and cut and paste. Same thing happens in the labels, which is why the last few posts haven't had any labels.

I'm using Firefox 3 for the Mac. I'm sure someone knows what I screwed up. I was messing around with my built in fonts a few days ago, I'm sure that screwed something up.

Here's the real point of this post:

I Bought Some Allen & Ginter packs today


Three whole packs at five bucks apiece. I was going to buy a few more, BUT I found G.I. Joe vehicles at Target earlier in the week and I blew the rest of my paypal money on the Ram/Trouble Bubble set.

Did I get anything good? Well, yes, actually I did. I pulled a Carl Crawford Framed Jersey. Pretty cool actually, and it was a fresh box, so I kind of messed it up for anyone else. But then again, if that was my "hit" in that box, I would have been massively disappointed.

Still, it's a Jersey, and I'm hoping I can trade it for something cool Angels wise.

Which reminds me, one of the reasons that I started this blog in the first place was to do more trading. To that end here's my proposal:

Send Me Your Angels and I'll send you your favorite team!

I love busting packs, so I buy them all the time. But I don't care about ANY of the cards in the packs, except for Angels. So, I'm totally willing to trade pretty much everything I pull for cards of Angel players.

I usually sort all my non-Angels in to team lots, except for the really big super-stars and inserts that I think I might be able to get a special trade for. So my team lots won't have any jerseys or autos, and probably not any serial numbered cards either, but other inserts will be in there. I don't have huge lots at this point, probably no more than 50 cards per team, and there's certain sets I won't include because I may be putting together a set at some point.

So if you've got Angels to unload, I want 'em, ALL of them. Commons, Stars, everything. I don't even care about doubles. I do prefer that they are near mint.

I've already made one deal for the Washington Nationals, so I won't have any Nationals for awhile. Lemme know your team and whatcha got, and hopefully we can make a deal.

Email wmnoe at yahoo dot com.

I do have four jerseys right now, Ben Sheets, BJ Upton and one other I forget and I can't be arsed to go look up. Plus I pulled that Crawford, and I don't mind trading that. I'll take any Angels relic for those straight up.

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