Friday, July 4, 2008

Quick Update

I haven't really bought a whole lot lately that's worthy of writing about, mid-season slump maybe?

One thing I can comment on though are those re-packaged old wax products that you see in places like Toys R Us, Target, Blockbuster or heck I've seen them at grocery stores. You might find them in places like CVS or Rite-Aid. They're all made by one company, but I'll be darned if I can remember who they are at the moment, I want to say Fairfield or something like that - I'm sure someone else knows.

The value is definitely good for the most part. Their bread and butter product is an 8 pack of older cards for $9.99. Usually you'll get a decent mix of older product, one or two of the packs will be at least a retail mid-line product. You'll even get some old 90's Topps still in wax! One that I bought recently had an 87 Topps pack as well, and I've gotten mid-80's Donruss out of those boxes.

You know what, I like them. I really do. See, I don't have a ton of that old stuff sitting in binders or boxes, I got rid of 90% of my sports card collection about 10 years ago during a life-changing move. If I had 3200 count boxes full of old worthless commons from the 90's I probably wouldn't bother, but since I don't, these old packs are fun for me to bust. Next time I buy one I'll definitely post the break. They also have larger packages that are more expensive, and smaller ones with ore recent jumbos.

They do other pre-packs as well, 100 Baseball cards for $4, and these are usually a hoot and a hollar to buy. You'll get a couple of name stars, and then some very, very esoteric issues. Sometimes there might be regional sets, or minor league sets. There's always a couple of shiney inserts, and you'll usually score at least $4.00 worth of cards. I can certainly overdose on those blisters, but once in a while they're fun.

I've only purchased one of the combo "Guaranteed Relic Card and 2 Bonus Packs" packages, a NBA themed one that had two packs of Topps 06-07 retail packs and a 2001 Karl Malone Game Worn Jersey from UD. I sold the Malone on eBay for a couple bucks, and the packs weren't bad, but the price was too high at $10 for a cheap hit.

Being on a pretty strict card budget (the less spent the better, especially these days), I can usually get away with one of the cheaper packages whenever we need something from Rite-Aid or Target. It's not a trip to the hobby store which are becoming exceedingly rare, so I need to get my card fix somehow, and this is a viable alternative. For the moment.


capewood said...

Fairfield is the company. I don't think they make them all but they make a lot. I can't stop myself from buying these because they always have some oddball cards I don't have. I'm posting a box break (in three parts) over at Capewood's Collections. I'm posting the second one today. I was pretty happy with the box.

William Noetling said...

Yeah, that's what I thought. I've never really been disappointed in their boxes, because if nothing else, the price is right.

I've also recently seen $4.99 packs with 4 Topps Jumbo packs, two from 2006 and two from 2007. That's a nice way to build those sets if you so desire.

Checked out two of your sites, the Collections (which I found to be a tad too eclectic for my taste) and the Reference site. I'm not sure what you're attempting with the reference, but I think you rely too much on Beckett.

capewood said...

Well, thanks for looking. Nobody seems to understand what I'm trying to do with the Reference site and whatever I'm trying to do its too much work. I haven't made a posting there in over a month and I'm probably going to retire it.