Sunday, September 6, 2020

Ed Ruscha's Los Angeles Photography GIFTED to us all by The Getty Trust


The Getty Trust has just given the world a gift, as it's been reported elsewhere.  Truly though it is. It's a treasure trove of photography by one of the greatest Los Angeles area artists who ever lived.  Ed Ruscha's archive has recently been released digitally.  It's stunning and lovely.  Find it here:

This is, after all, the Budget Collector Blog.  What better way to enjoy some amazing art than for free in your own home.  

I'm fascinated with the past, and I love to see how things used to look.  Sometimes I can remember them.  If I had been alive.  I was alive for this set of pictures, these were taken August of 1974, I would have been 3.  They come from this session of photos

DISCLAIMER - I POST THESE FOR STUDY PURPOSES ONLY.  Don't sue me Getty.  I was temping there when my kid was born.

$50 for a 21" Color TV!

I remember stamps.

This one fascinates me, because it doesn't look like this at all today.

Same Building!