Sunday, February 13, 2022

The Jersey Fits



All is right in the world for tonight.  The Los Angeles Rams have won the SuperBowl.

Since I have lived in Los Angles (1971-80, 1998-present) Los Angeles Teams have won 12 Major  Championships (Lakers 8, Kings 2, Dodgers1, Angels 1).  I don't count the Ducks because I hate them.  

Of those I have only really cared about the Kings, Angels and Rams.  Those are my teams.  I'm not a "Dodger" fan.  I'm barely a Laker fan.  I am a Kings, Angels and Rams fan. Yes I loved the Chargers while I lived in San Diego. Since they've been back, meh.  Not so much.

But I've always been a Rams fan.  Even when I was a Chargers fan.  I was a Rams fan too.  

My Jersey is #11 for Jim Everett.  It barely fits.  But I wore it tonight.

Congrats Rams.

Los Angeles Rams 23 Cincinnati Bengals 20 FINAL

 BUILT to win.  And they did.  Great game.  I can't decide if Cooper Kupp or Aaron Donald is my MVP.  I voted for them both. RAMS GET THEIR 2nd Superbowl and FIRST IN LOS ANGELES.

And I'm crying.  Really.



AND they earned it.  

Los Angeles Rams - 23 Cincinnati Bengals 20 - 1:25 fourth

 In a game with almost no penalties this is drama time

From a defensive holding call.  to the offsetting penalties on the touchdown catch by Kupp, it makes things way more dramatic.

Then more flags.

You could not script this shit




Cincinnati Bengals 20 - Los Angeles Rams 16 1:55 Fourth

 I've never seen the NFL hotter - AL Michaels.  yeah the post season has been good.  Brings in the casuals and lapsed fans.  Like me.  No Tom Brady.

Rams go for it on 4th down and get it with a run from WR Kupp!

Collinsworth - you have to get Cooper Kupp into this game.  Yes.  You're right.  100%

Rams driving

Good Game

1st and 10- Caught by Kupp on the 24.  Under 3 to play

FIRST and Goal - inside of 2 minues.  DOES NOT GET BETTER.


My next post will be my last.

Wow.  WHAT A GAME>  best one in ages.  

Was that buddweiser with the clydesdales?  Kind of missed them.

Wal-mart - I don't miss going there

Dude frm the Middle.  Credit Crds?  2nd pegasus appaerance.

HBO _ I love Kareem.  Will watch

nbc Show with Morena Baccarin.  Um...OK.

OK end of game time.

Cincinnati Bengals 20 - Los Angeles Rams 16 6:13 Fourth

 Bengals start with a quick first down, and run for 3 straight plays.  Unsurprising.  Burn the clock.  Time to step up Rams.

3rd and 1 it's CLOSE but they get the first down.  Yuck.  Burning time.

the Rams defense comes through with a stop on 3rd down.  

Rams take over on their own 22.


Eugene Levy and Brie Larson for cars.   Cathrine O'hara driving in Downtown LA.  Batista.....I dig it.  Best car comemrcial excet for the Tunda.

I hear Hole

I MIGHT BE too drunk to type

I'm hungry for Taco Bell.

Cincinnati Bengals 20 - Los Angeles Rams 16 9:58 Fourth

 They want us to vote for MVP.  The game isn't over.  How can I choose right now?

Rams go 3 and out quickly.  No bueno.

We're getting to the nitty gritty.  Maybe one possession left each team.  Dammit.


Kinda done with commercials.  Usually this is the time where I stop caring.  Wait I never cared.  Cutwater makes good drinks.  Usually.

But I wouldn't buy them when I can get the ingredients for way cheaper.

Vroom - Warners back lot

AMC+ - I need to finish up Killing Eve.  Don't care abot the Walking Dead.  Interview with the Vampire might be interesting.  Never have watched Saul.

Irish Spring - Oh yeah, that's still a thing. 

Olympics - Haven't watched anything so far.

Renee Zellwiger's new series - ugh....that voice will make me not want to watch

Cincinnati Bengals 20 - Los Angeles Rams 16 11:29 Fourth

 OK we're in the fourth quarter.  Crunch time Rams.  Here's where you make your millions and millions.

And the rams go 3 and out.  Sigh.  Can we get a coffin corner kick?

It's a One Possession game.

Bengals take over on their own 16.

Beer #4 Opened and poured.

The length of the game is getting to the defenses you can tell.  Broken plays end up in first downs.

At least the Cincinnati run game is still not doing anything.  15 rushes for 55 yards.

But the Rams defense holds and gets their 7th sack of the game.  Burrow is hurt and an unnecessary roughness penalty for the Bengals.  Pushes the punter all the way back to the endzone.

Good PUNT, and the Rams don't quite get what they want, but they have the ball and are in the drivers seat.


Is Scarlett Johanssen the most attractive woman on the planet?  maybe.  Is Colin Jost the most amazing man on the planet?  Probably.  

I dunno what the next commercial was for but it had Chumbuwumba.

and then there's Idris Elba.  No lie.  Man crush.  Sexiest man on the planet.  James Bond>  Sure why not.