Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

Live From Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Florida, it's Super Bowl XLIII featuring the Steelers of Pittsburgh versus the Cardinals of Arizona.

In years past I've live-blogged the game, I haven't decided how much of that I'm going to do today, I think it really depends on the game itself. If it's a stinker, well, that means a lot of blogging.

I skipped MOST of the 5+ hours of pre-game coverage on NBC this year, I've done the marathon in years past, and I'm just not that pumped for this game in the first place. Unlike other bloggers I really didn't buy ANY football cards to bust for the game, though I did manage to snag a couple of cool cards. This morning I bought two more packs of Topps Obama cards, and made it to just about half of the base set, but pulled my THIRD of one of the stickers. Also bought two more packs of Indiana Jones Masterpieces and brought up that collection to just about halfway finished. Sooner or later I'll put up wants/have lists for trading.

I did also manage to purchase two of the Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Hobby Preview packs and pulled a Petersen and a Tom Brady. I'll probably send the AD out to Gellman. Haven't decided what to do with the rest, though I might make a post about this interesting set.

Back to gave coverage:

The G.I. Joe Movie

commercial just aired. I saw it last night, but it was nice to see a bigger version. Can't say I'm all THAT pumped, since I think it's going to suck pretty hard and flop, but hey, there's a Doctor Who in the commercial, so that's good.

I may be back later.

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