Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shamless Plug

I decided to go ahead and put the Griffey on eBay, the auction link is HERE.

I've followed the auctions that have ended thus far, and here's the results:

# of Items sold: 10
# of items unsold: 1 ($99.95)
Highest Price Paid: $79.00
Lowest Price Paid: $34.03
Average Price Paid: $53.51

I included shipping in all prices because, well frankly, I think it's part of the price to pay these days. None of the shipping prices for the single were over $3.00, and many were free. I've decided to give free shipping in the United States so that I can maximize my potential buying audience.

Did I mention that my Buy It Now price is more than $10 LOWER than the average price paid for this card thus far on eBay? Did I mention that my BIN is lower than ALL but one of the previously sold items?

Am I a good salesman or what?

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