Sunday, February 13, 2022

Los Angeles Rams 13 - Cincinnati Bengals 10 - HALFTIME

 COMMERCIALS just before the half.

Matthew McConnagehy can sell me anything.  If people ever start walking around with VR headsets I'll be pissed.  Also that was for SalesForce?  WTF?  Not for nothing we're switching to SalesForce at work.  And my Mom's work just did.

Larry David - is he really funny?  I've never been sure.  I never cared for Curb, and I wasn't a BIG fan of Seinfeld.  That was yet another Crypto ad.  It's lie the early 2000's again, only instead of Dot coms it's Cryptos.

SO one of the major reasons why I don't watch football much anymore (mostly because I'm not all that happy with the current rules and gameplay) is that it's on WAY too much.  We start the week on THURSDAY now...then have a Saturday game, all day Sunday and then sometimes TWO on Monday.

Just go back to Sunday and Monday people.  

And where is Monday Night Football these days?  I have no idea.  Amazon shows games on Thursdays?

Rams go 3 and out, and we're at Halftime.  

NOW it's Break time.  I'll be back at the beginning of the 2nd Half.

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