Sunday, February 13, 2022

Cincinnati Bengals 20 - Los Angeles Rams 16 11:29 Fourth

 OK we're in the fourth quarter.  Crunch time Rams.  Here's where you make your millions and millions.

And the rams go 3 and out.  Sigh.  Can we get a coffin corner kick?

It's a One Possession game.

Bengals take over on their own 16.

Beer #4 Opened and poured.

The length of the game is getting to the defenses you can tell.  Broken plays end up in first downs.

At least the Cincinnati run game is still not doing anything.  15 rushes for 55 yards.

But the Rams defense holds and gets their 7th sack of the game.  Burrow is hurt and an unnecessary roughness penalty for the Bengals.  Pushes the punter all the way back to the endzone.

Good PUNT, and the Rams don't quite get what they want, but they have the ball and are in the drivers seat.


Is Scarlett Johanssen the most attractive woman on the planet?  maybe.  Is Colin Jost the most amazing man on the planet?  Probably.  

I dunno what the next commercial was for but it had Chumbuwumba.

and then there's Idris Elba.  No lie.  Man crush.  Sexiest man on the planet.  James Bond>  Sure why not.

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