Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lost and Found

I hate losing things, I really, really do. Unfortunately it happens to me ALL THE TIME. I suppose there's a number of factors involved, small apartment, lots of toys for the rugrat, daddy's brain doesn't function as well as he'd like it to on occasion.

BUT WHEN YOU LOSE A WHOLE BINDER OF CARDS, that's just bunk. It's here somewhere. I know it is. I just can't figure out where. It's my Allen & Ginter Binder, which also has Topps Chrome and Political cards in it. It's a standard 3 ring view binder with both A&G Wrappers in the front cover. I know it's here. I just don't know where, and it's driving me absolutely bonkers. I've got like 7 packs worth of cards to put in the damn thing, and I can't do it. Is there ANYTHING more aggravating?

I suppose there is; such as crappy replacement redemptions, or that really awful co-signers card that Treasure Never Buried pulled out of his expensive box (note to self: do NOT buy boxes of Topps, ever), or starting Minnesota's Defense over Philadelphia this last weekend in Fantasy Football.

There are two positives though, yesterday I got a nice package of mostly Vlad Guerrero's from Mario at Wax Heaven which reminded me that I'm supposed to send him the Red Hot Rookie Redemption #7 and a bunch of Marlins for his collection. I would have done that on Monday, BUT, I've been sick all week with some sort of nasty upper chest/cough bug that DOES appear to have finally gone away. Unfortunately for us, my wife got it though. The other positive was that in my search for the binder I did find a small box of cards that I had been sent a little while ago, and it contained a pack of Allen & Ginter that I had purchased and completely forgotten about, and there was a Jermaine Dye Jersey in there as well!

The other day I went looking for Upper Deck Baseball Heroes packs, but came up short, because the card shop (which isn't one I normally frequent) didn't get any in (which is why I think I don't frequent them that often). I did buy a couple more packs of A&G and pulled a David Ortiz Jersey. I've pulled something like four jerseys out of A&G packs now, that's pretty darn good odds, considering I don't think I've bought anywhere NEAR four boxes worth of that product.

Normally I would give you a Kevin Jepsen update since he pitched last night, but, err...he stunk last night, so I'll save it for another time. I'm also still working on the 2002 Angels Playoff Review, which I should post before the week is out.

Speaking of playoffs, the Halos are having a couple of nifty celebrations to celebrate their winning the AL West. First on Saturday, September 27 they're doing Fiesta Angels at the Big A from 10 am to 5 pm, with free parking until 3 pm. Actually I think this was planned a long time ago, so it's not PART of the playoff celebration. However, Monday they're holding A Rally at the Big A from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM, and that is certainly a celebration. I want to attend both, but will probably attend neither. Gas is pretty darn expensive these days you know. Sigh.

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