Monday, September 8, 2008

Fantasy Footbal Update: Week One

WildWill’s Weekly Fantasy Football Update

Welcome to Week 1 of WildWill’s FFB Update, I’ll either do this update on Monday or Tuesday mornings during the season just to keep you all informed as to the state of the league. If this gets too tedious please let me know.

2008 represents the 9th season for my Yahoo league, and the 19th season that I’ve been playing FFB overall. My first season was 1990 when I worked for the Dana Inn and Marina, and back then we did everything by hand. It was a lot more fun back then I think, since every owner worked for the same place and we all trash talked throughout the season. I remember I lost in the Fantasy Bowl two out of the first three seasons.

This season I had five owners return from last season, and we lost a couple of long term owners (Rob was invited back, but declined to sign up, and Rems was finally not invited after years of last place performances). We welcomed five new owners mostly from the sports blogs that I’ve been reading lately.

So let’s take a look at week one shall we?

Game 1: Kayee’s Knights vs. The 49ers.

My first game was against the 49ers, a returning owner from last season who got the second pick in the draft. Instead of taking Adrian Petersen like he should have, his auto-draft picked, wait for it….Tom Brady. Yup, the 49ers season is basically over. His neglect let me pick up AD, and I’m as happy as a clam. His players are all finished and he scored 54.88 points, his best player being the Steelers D which scored 23 points. I have two players still to play tonight, AD and the Vikings Defense, and I’ve already won. My total going into tonight is 55.86 with my two best players so far being Tony Romo (14.9) and John Kasay (15). I’m hoping that AD and the Vikes D score a bunch of points, because when you’re tied in the standings points are the first tie-breaker. This was the only game featuring two returning owners against each other. This victory evens my record against The 49ers to 1-1, as I lost to him by 3 points in our only other meeting last season. We play again in Week 10.

Game 2: Pigskinz vs. Sharkey’s Fat Cats.
Sharkey’s team is owned by James, my daughter’s Godfather, and he’s been in the league now since 2005, and has done quite well over the years, winning in 05 and coming in third in 07 (we won’t talk about that 7th place finish in 06). Pigskinz is a new owner this season who despite having the last pick in the draft put together a formidable team. This game wasn’t even close, despite getting great performances from Brett Favre (17.76), T.O (11.13) and Brian Westbrook (18.24) Sharkey’s lost by over 30 points, thanks mostly in part to Michael Turner’s star making 26 points in his debut for his new team (Atlanta). I knew Turner had the chops after watching him backup L.T. for so many years, so it wasn’t a surprise to me that Turner went off. Pigskinz also got double digits out of Kurt the ageless Warner (12.34), Nate Burleson (11.13) and the New England D (17.44). This game is a final 95.07 to 64.91. Sorry James you’re 0-1.

Game 3:Pantswearer vs. OmegaJaguars
OmegaJaguars is a returning owner from last season, and in fact he got the first pick in the draft because he had the worst record amongst returning owners, basically winning the L.T. sweepstakes. Pantswearer is also a new owner and he got the 7th pick in the draft. Right now this game is too close to call, Pants has a slim lead and two players going into tonight’s double header (Darren McFadden and Mason Crosby), while Omega has just one (Greg Jennings). Anything can happen, but I think Pantswearer has the edge.

Game 4: Electric Boogaloo vs. Best Team Ever
BTE is a third time returnee (though we don’t really count his 2005 campaign since he stunk on ice and he was therefore skipped iin 2006). Electric Boogaloo is a new owner who had the 8th pick. This game is pretty much over, even though E.B. has Ryan Grant still to play, I seriously doubt he’s going to make up the almost 35 point lead that BTE has, especially with a sore hammy. Most of BTE’s lead was made by Willie Parker who had a career day with 28 points, and both of his wideouts scored double digits.

Game 5: Kama Sutra Mallards vs. AllDayEveryDay
Our last game is a bona-fide blow out with KSM (I’m not spelling that out every time) enjoying a 53 point victory courtesy of his QB, his WRs, one RB and his D all getting double digits. Both he and and AllDay are new owners, AllDay is Gellman of Sports Cards Uncensored, the site that I occasionally write for, and I’m also part of his Yahoo league (more on that in a sec). I actually feel bad for Gellman, because NO ONE deserves huge blowout in one league, only to get creamed in another. Sorry dude.

I mentioned I’m in a second league, I won’t give you the full details on that league since it’s not mine, it’s Gellman’s, but in week one, I played him, and am beating him 111 to 46 at the moment, though we both have players tonight (I have Mason Crosby, he has Sidney Rice). My insurmountable lead was built by SIX of my players scoring double digits to his one. Ouch. I love going 2-0 in my opening week of play, but I sure hate to see Gellman going 0-2.

Pick ‘Em

Besides two Yahoo FFB leagues, I’m also in a College Pick ‘em and a Pro Pick ‘em group. I started both groups when I worked for, but have since turned them over to others. In the Pro Pool I got 9 out of 14 missing Tampa/N.O., Buffalo/Seattle, Jacksonville/Tennessee, San Diego/Carolina and Indy/Chicago. Of course, those were ALL upsets, with the exception of the New Orleans victory, so I don’t feel bad. Tonight I have Minnesota and Denver, though I hate Denver, so I won’t be upset at all if the Raiders manage an upset. Still, 9 out of 14 is good enough for second place in week one, but missing that many is really bad.

In my College pool I’m doing much better, scoring 19 out of a possible 20 this week, and 17 out of 21 last week. Everyone is tied with 19 though because that pool drops the lowest total (my week one so far). This week I’m pretty much sticking to the favorites, with the exception of Kansas over South Fla (though I think that Yahoo has the favorite screwed up on that one) and UCLA over BYU. I really don’t think it’s going to happen, but I don’t pick against my Alma Mater, so there.


Gellman said...

I hate you.

William Noetling said...

Aww dude, you had a crappy weekend in FFB, don't worry it happens to us all. I can't tell you how many time's I've on 0-X where X>2 in a weekend.

At least you didn't pick Tom Brady #2 in the draft!

Gellman said...

Im just messing with you. Its the luck of the draw.

William Noetling said...

I know, I did actually feel bad for you though. You had a shitty opening week, especially with the Vikes going down last night.

At least you're not playing me again for a while. I've been known to have juggernaut teams on occasion.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.