Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fantasy Footbal Update: Week Two

Good Afternoon Gents:

Sorry to be a tad late with this report, life as always intervenes, though nothing really that drastic occurred, I just didn't want to post an update yesterday because several of the games came down to Monday Night Football.

Which blew chunks for me. I went INTO the game with a lead AND a Tony Romo against Westbrook, T.O. and DeSean Jackson. I get outscored by 16 points and LOSE to Sharkey's because he scored the most points in the league this week. I scored the second most points. See that just SUCKS.

But in my OTHER league I won, so I'm 2-0 over there and have scored the most points so far.

BUT I digress.

This weekend's loss to Sharkeys' Fat Cats makes me 2-6 against them overall. James has my number I guess.

BTW - How are you all liking the 4 moves per week thing? I think it makes a nice deterrant to mass roster moves, and yet makes you think about your moves as well. Of course I gave everyone too many roster slots, but that's neither here nor there.

So we know what happened in MY game, let's look at the other four games in the WWFL:

The 49ers knocked off OmegaJaguars to pull his record to .500. Omega is now 0-2, and it doesn't help him that his best player is LT, and we all saw what happened to LT last weekend. Too bad he wasn't quick enough to grab Darren Sproules (and who did that I wonder?)

Kama Sutra Mallards ran through Best Team Ever, HOWEVER, the victory was by only three points, AND BTE's Kicker plays for Houston which had it's game postponed. I don't know how Yahoo is going to handle that one, perhaps whenever the game is played the points will go in retroactively. I don't know.

Actually, now I do know - I checked out the message boards, and the two teams Houston and Baltimore are treated like they had a bye week, so if you had a player on either team, they don't get any points.

Kind of sucks, but there it is.

That also applies to our next game: Pants Wearer showed that he certainly wears Electric Boogaloo's pants. Err, that didn't come out right. Anyway, EB has Baltimore's defense, that can be the difference in even a lopsided score. PW is now 2-0 and EB is now 0-2.

Pigskinz didn't need any unscheduled bye-weeks to kick AllDayEveryDay's you-know-what. To be fair, it's hard to win when your starting QB gets negative points. I'm playing you next week, and you had better bring the paint bud, 'cause I'm looking to make a statement here. A statement that my team is the DOMINATOR....of not sucking!

If you look at the standings, you can see a very alarming trend so far; the teams in the top six all have right around 200 points or more. The teams in the bottom four are all around 150 or lower. At least Omega is TRYING to get better, he's done 12 moves so far! Again, to be fair, it's been a VERY strange two weeks in the NFL, it should get a bit more stable in the next couple weeks. Someone who isn't on anyone's roster will have a career game and get snatched up via the waiver wire. Happens every year.


Anonymous said...

Hah, bring it! Have to say it's been a couple of years since I've been in a competitive league, so this is a good time.

Gellman said...

Yeah, I have had the worst luck with the good players on my team. Just awful.

In the SCU league, I had Aaron Rodgers AND Anquan Boldin go double and quadruple what they were supposed to, and still lost by 3 points because no one else did anything.

William Noetling said...

Yeah, I saw that. You've gotten NO luck this season. Your current lineup is project to get 97 points this weekend, while mine is projected to get 85. Wanna bet that my players over-achieve while yours under-achieve again?