Sunday, February 2, 2014


Meh, why not.  I can't stand this matchup.

I have blogged about the Superbowl many, many times before.  The first of my series are Here from 2001, and Here from 2006.  Then click the "Superbowl" label to the right to see all of my unique perspectives on the Superbowls since then.

So once again, I find myself looking at a matchup that I could care less about.

Didn't care who won last year either.  In fact the last time I "cared" about which team won was over a decade ago when the Rams lost to the Patriots.  That's what happens when you live in Los Angeles and don't have a team since 1995.  Blargh.  Hey I hear the Rams might be moving back.

So there, I will go ahead and live-blog the "Big Game" (Since you can't call it the Superbowl and not get sued).  I'll start around 3 PM PST since I'm NOT going to sit and watch hours of Pre-Game that is utterly meaningless.

Until then enjoy some Muppets action.  They're going to be all over today's media - they have a new movie out soon and Disney Synergy is totally in motion.

My prediction BTW is Denver by 3.  And no, Manning won't retire.

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