Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII - Seahawks 15 - Broncos 0. 12:08 2nd

It's all Seattle so far.  I'm not even sure the Broncos showed up to play to be honest.  Manning is now 3/4 for 10 yards with a pick.  Russell Wilson on the other hand is now 9/14 for 94 yards.

Let's see if Manning Magic can come back, though since he's both won and lost a Super Bowl before, it will be interesting to watch.

So far I have to say the commercials are extremely lack-luster, and since they're paying a gazillion dollars a minute now, it's money foolishly spent I believe.

But then there was the far too short Transformers Age of Extinction ad.

Still it's a Michael Bay movie and I can't get too excited.

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