Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Doctor Who Toys and Merchandise Announced at UK Toy Fair Today

I love January, it's the month of my birth after all.  The annual UK Toy Fair is also in January whereas the American version is held in February.  For toy enthusiasts the New York version is much more important, but for Doctor Who fans, the UK version has everything we could possibly want.

2014 marks the 51st year for the stalwart BBC Science Fiction Franchise and there's a brand new Doctor for the New Year as Peter Capaldi has taken over the role from Matt Smith.  Journalists overseas got their first look at the first products to feature the 12th Doctor, though not in his new outfit, as that has not been revealed quite yet.  These are very important nuances to Whovians, no doubt when the new costume is revealed it will be fairly big news.

Shown today were the lineup and prototypes for Character Building Dr. Who Series 4 figures, a new version of the new interior of the Tardis playset, and a Judoon scout ship mini-set.  I'll probably not be able to afford the big new Tardis, which looks much much better than the version they showed last year.

Series 4 of the blind-bag series includes:
Clara (Red Dress)
Captain Jack Harkness
Madame Vashtra
Cyberman (New)
The 12th Doctor (11th Outfit)
Clara (Victorian outfit?)
The War Doctor
11th Doctor
Dalek (Can't tell exactly which one)

You can check out pics of the entire line here:


They are also releasing the Looney Tunes line of compatible figures which were announced way back in 2012.  When I say compatible, I mean  you'll be able to put Bugs Bunny side by side with the Doctor or a Dalek.

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