Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl XLV Packers 28, Steelers 25 4th 3:25

I say it every year, but dammit, I want to see a freaking overtime game in the Superbowl!

The Steeler defense is fired up - sacking Rodgers on first down and as Joe and Troy just said, the Packers have abandoned the run.

The Steelers D caused a false start on third and 5 to make it 3rd and 10, but Rodgers in true MVP form hits Jennings for 31 and a first down.

Once they get on the Steelers side of the field they go right back to the run, only their 10th attempt, but they get a first down from Starks.

Back to the run on first down, for a couple. 2nd and long bam, James Jones and a first down. 1st and goal on the 8.

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