Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Pre-Game Countdown: 30 minutes & counting

So I think perhaps the talking heads are done with their expert commentary. I thought Jimmie Johnson had the best analysis, as I often do. I like Strahan, but he doesn't have the same type of experience that Jimmie does.

I think it's really interesting that the NFL is doing the tribute to America thing, reading the Declaration of Independence with Americans from all over. I think it's rather salient at this time to remember why we are the country we are, especially with revolution ripe in other parts of the world. We as a people should remember those words, and those in Congress and in political power should also re-read the Constitution to remind them of what's important.

I believe in this country and I believe in the Constitution of these United States. I often find myself at odds with it's current leadership, whether it be Republican or Democrat. Still, I truly believe that we have the best form of Government world-wide, because we as individuals have a voice.

Sorry, enough prostelytizing. Damn, never could spell that word.

Nice montage though. I'll try to link it later, I'm sure the NFL will post it somewhere.

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