Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl XLIV - Halftime Performance - The Who

I love the Who. I'm old enough to remember before Keith Moon died too. I'm also old enough to remember their numeous farewell tours, and I went to see them in 1994 with Tom Ammon. As much as I love Pete and Roger, it's not the same without John and Keith, it really isn't. I don't condemn them for continuing to do what they do best though, I'm just glad they both can still get up on stage and do their thing.

That stage set up is something else though. I'll bet my Brother in Law Brent is sitting there watching the game trying to figure out how they did everything.

Can't really say much for the 'medley' of songs though. They sound good I suppose, but I'd rather hear a couple of FULL songs than snippets from many.

The fact that it takes a half a dozen musicians to recreate the sound that John & Keith provided by themselves is telling though.

It's also never a bad day when you can still watch Peter Townshend do the windmill and Roger Daltry swing the microphone around like it's a bullwhip.

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