Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl XLIV - Colts 3, Saints 0 5:12

Simms thinks that the fumble wouldn't have counted because the player was down. Debatable.

Reggie Bush makes a play on third down and a 16 yard reception. Bonus that he didn't cough up the football, though it looked like he easily could have.

Can I just say that the multi-colored polygon logo on about the 25 of each side of the field is damn obnoxious?

RoboQB on the bench looks upset.

Marques Colston was looking for six instead of the ball on 2nd down.

Brees can't complete on 3rd down again, just 1 - 3 so far, that is not going to make Coach happy.

Nice punt by the Saints pins the Colts on their own 4.

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