Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl XLIV - Colts 10, Saints 6 Halftime

Did I mention the under was 57.5? Yeah, not looking like they're going to get there does it?

With the exception of the Saints not getting into the endzone on 4th and Goal, this game has been pretty even. Brees and the Saints owned the 2nd quarter, but the Colts took the 1st by force. Brees and RobQB are both playing their butts off, but the difference thus far has been the Colts running game. Addai has 7 attempts for 60 yards with a long of 26. The Saints COMBINED are 12 attempts, 22 yards and a long of 8. If the Saints don't get a game breaker out of Bush & co, it's over.

I'mmma watch the Who now. Be back after halftime.

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