Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbowl XLVII - Ravens 34 - Niners 29 2:00 4th

The Niners have never led per Jim Nantz, which is a rarity for them in a Superbowl.  Now they have about 4 minutes to a championship.  Do they have it or will Ray Lewis and the Ravens go out on top.

Frank Gore picks up 7 on first down, willing his way to a couple of extra yards.  QBK scrambles for the first down, stopping the clock at 3:40 on their own 36.

Vernon Davis has the ball go off his fingers, he had six and he knew it.

QBK comes right back with a 24 yard pass and catch.  He's over 300 yards now.

Gore with a long run down to the 7.  The Niners could get in before the 2 minute warning.  Which would probably be a mistake giving Flacco too much time to come back.

1st and Goal 2:39 remaining.
2nd and Goal from the 5.

Two Minute Warning

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