Saturday, February 2, 2013

Superbowl XLVII Live Blogging Returns

I didn't live blog the big game last year because I had company over, and it's rude.  This year however, there should be nothing to stop me, as the wife will be out doing a CPR class, and the daughter is kind of sick with a cold, so either she'll be watching with me or she'll be in the living room watching cartoons.

The Setup:

46" Plasma with good sound.  Tempur-Pedic bed.  Grub will include Vegetarian Chili that I'm going to make later today.  I don't drink alcohol anymore, so if there is a beer involved it will inevitably be non-alcoholic, and that's just sad isn't it?

The current line is the 49ers to win by 3.5 points.  I think that's probably pretty accurate, I think they're probably going to cover the spread.  The over/under is 47.5 points, I'd take the under if I were a betting man.

The game is on CBS this year, remember it switches networks every year, and the announcers are Jim Nantz and Phil Simms.  Simms Rookie Card can be bought on eBay for a couple of bucks, and no that's not really an indication of his career, after all he did win a Superbowl in 1987, and owns a second ring from the 1990 game.  The low price is due to the over production by Topps of the 1980 football set.  You can still find unopened packs of the stuff for less than the price of a current pack of Topps 2012 Football.  There's also no other good rookies in the set.
Simms 1980 Rookie Card.  

I don't really pay attention to the hype over the commercials before the game, I think that's kind of silly when it comes down to brass tacks.  After all, we're discussing advertising, you know, things designed to get you to buy something.  I will, however, be blogging about my opinions on the adverts.  I also downloaded the Star Trek Into Darkness app for my iPhone and will be anxiously awaiting the second quarter so I can scan and unlock whatever the bonus content is.

I'll have much more tomorrow, but I wanted all six of you to not forget about me.

Have fun!

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