Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbowl XLVII Ravens 14 Niners 3 - 7:10 Second

Ravens with the ball after the fumble, 5 yards on first down.  Double tight end set usually means run, and it is, right up the middle, for almost a first.    Grinding, grinding, grinding, wow what a catch by Dixon on the Niners 29 yard line.  Rice down to the 22.

The Ravens are looking methodical right now, and the Niners are looking a bit flummoxed.  If the Ravens get a TD here, the game might be over.  Next play, a great catch and added distance for a personal foul.  First and Goal, Ravens on the 4.

So far, Niners 3 penalties for 14 yards.
Baltimore - nada

The Ravens are looking like an NFC team playing in the AFC, they have always reminded me as such.  Oh and TD Baltimore.

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