Sunday, February 1, 2015

Live Blogging the game - YES!

I will continue my yearly tradition of curmudgeonly live-blogging the game starting sometime after 3 pm PST today.  I have no real horse in the game tonight, I really don't care who wins, though I suppose I'm slightly inclined towards the Seahawks.  I'm really just hoping for a good game.

In honor of the game, I bought some packs of Hockey cards yesterday, and a nice older lady was selling the store some GREAT cards, including two Jordan rookies that look like they could get 9s when grade, and some beautiful original Mars Attacks cards.  Their new employee (actually I don't know if he's new to be honest, I just hadn't seen him before) is also a blogger and recognized my last name when I handed him my credit card.

See here's the thing though, I bought 25 bucks worth of wax and pulled exactly one LA King, and basically nothing worth 25 bucks.  These are times when I wonder why I still buy wax at all.  Then again I remember I have a thing about buying singles that cost more than $10, which is why my set of double jersey cards from last years' Black Diamond (the Kings got a 4 card set-within-a-set that makes up the Kings Logo) is one card short (I need the Jonathan Quick if anyone cares and it's currently on the bay of E for exactly 10 bucks).

And yes, I realize I bought Hockey cards instead of Football.  I haven't collected Football since Barry Sanders retired.  Probably won't ever pick up a recent pack either.  Just no longer interested.  Now if Los Angeles gets the Rams back, maybe, just maybe.

We'll see.  I'll touch on these and other topics later today.  For now I have to get ready for Girl Scouts and figure out how to sell all these GIRL SCOUT COOKIES we have.

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