Tuesday, August 5, 2014

At Last - A Completed Collection - 12 Years in the Making

During the 2002-03 Hockey Season the LA Kings did an interesting promotion, they gave away five mini-Lego type figurines made by the now-defunct company SMITI.  The five figures were available at five different games, the first of which was in October and you got a box to go with your first figure.

Not my set, but this is it.
I didn't go to ANY of the actual games.  At least I'm pretty sure I didn't, I don't have my ticket book hanging about to double-check.  In any case during the season I managed to acquire four of the five figures and the box, but the Ian Lapierriere figure eluded me.


Now granted I probably forgot to check for him for a few of those years, but I've had an alert for a single figure on eBay for several years.  This last week while we were on vacation in Utah the alert popped up, and the price was right.  $4 shipped.  AT LAST - my set is complete.  Well, he has a broken stick, but I don't care.

Problem is that the other four figures and the box are in storage.  Dammit.

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