Sunday, February 26, 2012

Final Score: 11 for 24.

Time I've now effectively lost never to get back: 3 hours 10 minutes.

At least I closed out the big four with a perfect record. Not that they were all that difficult to pick.

That's not so bad. Other than the opening sequence and the Cirque Du Soleil thing, it was a relatively TAME telecast. Chris Rock wasn't even that controversial, well, he wasn't. His hair on the other what happened?

Kind of saw the shadow of J-lo's nipple. I missed it, had to catch it on TMZ.

The film Colin Firth and Michelle Williams appeared in together when she was "12" - A Thousand Acres. Haven't seen it.

If I had remember that Christopher Plummer wasn't even nominated for A Sound of Music I would have chosen him instead of Max Von Sydow. Oh well.

First time in ages that we've actually seen the Best Picture of the year.


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