Thursday, July 10, 2008

Now this is awesome

Yesterday I found an interesting item at the grocery store, a Baseball Snack Pack, complete with a small bag of salted peanuts, a small bag of caramel corn, a couple pieces of bubblegum, and a pack of cards. Advertised on the top it says "Everything you need for a ball game". Indeed. I couldn't tell what type of cards were in the box, but I bought two anyway, because they were a buck. The pack turned out to be last years' Topps Opening Day, without gum. Odd. Nothing to write about out of those packs.

This afternoon I turned in a $4.00 winning lottery scratcher at this newsstand that has quite a decent selection of hobby packs. They had one of the higher end UD packs that guarantees an auto or a relic in each pack for $20. There were also some mid-level packs that were reasonably priced, and of course Hobby Upper Deck Series 2 at $5.00 a pack. So I turned in my ticket, added a buck and some change, and bought one. Initially I thought it wasn't that great, the only insert was a team USA card, which aren't that exciting to me at this point, though they might be nice when the Olympics start.

I hadn't realized I pulled this baby:

I'm not a big fan of gimmicky short-prints, unless I pull them, but in checking the prices out on eBay, I couldn't not put it up for sale. If I could get $40 out of this card, I'd be a very, very happy budget collector, because I could use that Paypal money to get a ton of Angels. Besides which, as nice as the UD set is this year, I seriously doubt I'm going to put together a set, though you never know, because I actually just got another box ordered on Upper Deck Kids.

THAT's how work it when you're a budget collector.

Edit: I posted this and realized that I forgot to link to the auction


Gellman said...

Wow, nice freaking pull!

Sorry, just caught this post.

William Noetling said...

Thanks - it was a momentous occasion, probably the best card I've pulled since I started collecting Baseball again.

I just shipped it off to Japan - the gentleman who bought it off eBay from me is a hardcore Japanese player collector based on his recent purchases. More power to him.