Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Pack Busts

Sigh, more pack busts? Will, isn't there something else you'd like to write about? Well, not really, no. I like busting packs.

2008 Topps Series 2 Retail

    Pack One
  • 444 Jack Wilson SS Pirates
  • 448 Cameron Maybin OF Marlins
  • 544 Chad Gaudin P A's
  • 652 Rod Barajas C Blue Jays
  • 531 Hiroki Kuroda P Dodgers RC
  • 404 Cecil Cooper M Astros
  • 332 Classic Combos Indians
  • TCP-30 Andrew Miller
  • 624 Joe Torre M Dodgers
  • 405 Travis Hafner DH Indians
  • 459 Mike Sweeney DH A's
  • 496 Brad Lidge P Phillies
  • Get Grades junk
  • All Rookie Junk

Can't complain about that pack at all, pulling a Kuroda AND an Andrew Miller Insert - hmm...I wonder who I could trade THAT puppy to...Very solid three star pack and one that I'm pleased with.

    Pack Two
  • 344 Mike Rabelo C Marlins
  • 479 Bobby Abreu OF Yankees
  • 403 Nate Robertson P Tigers
  • 481 Manny Parra P Brewers
  • 428 Jair Jurrjens P Braves
  • 366 Jeff Weaver P Mariners
  • YR-111 Willie Harris of the Braves goes 6 for 6
  • 503 Jeremy Bonderman P Tigers
  • 526 Juan Encarnacion OF Cardinals
  • 616 Jon Garland P ANGELS!
  • 367 Khalil Greene SS Padres
  • 546 Francisco Liriano P Twins
  • ToppsTown Code
  • All Rookie Team Junk

That pack doesn't compare to the first pack, but I did get an Angel and a ToppsTown. Still my THIRD Jair Jurrjens is pretty annoying.

I finally broke down and bought a pack of Upper Deck Series 2, even though I can't input the codes for another two weeks. The design is pretty much same as the first, with the focus on the inserts being the USA Baseball team. These cards won't be worth much now, but a few years from now when these kids hit the bigs, they might be dynamite, you just never know. Until then though, they're mostly high-school kids.

2008 Upper Deck Series 2 Retail

  • 445 Kerry Wood P Cubs
  • 421 Jeremy Guthrie P Orioles
  • 467 Brandon Phillips 2b Reds
  • 622 Matt Capps P Pirates
  • 638 Randy Winn OF Giants
  • 586 Mariano Rivera P Yankees
  • 527 Alex Gordon P Royals
  • 538 Kendry Morales 1b ANGELS!
  • 582 Matt Wise P Mets
  • 516 Jose Valverde P Astros
  • 671 Josh Hamilton OF Rangers
  • 646 Jose Lopes 2B Mariners
  • 706 Callix Crabbe 2B Padres RC
  • 744 Josh Beckett Season Highlights
  • 755 Tom Glavine Braves Checklist
  • 727 Randy Wells P Blue Jays RC
  • USA-19 Ryan Berry P Team USA
  • SQ-34 BJ Upton Rays - Rare

Could I complain about that pack? Sure I could. Two very lackluster RCs, a mediocre Team USA and a Rare StarQuest. Sure, I might have actually gotten my money's worth, and I even pulled an Angel that I didn't have, but as far as first packs of a series goes, nothing to write home about.

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