Monday, June 16, 2008

Four More Topps Series 2

I need to lay off opening packs for a few days, I think I've busted at least one pack each day for over a week now. My wife needed extra time today at work so I had some time to kill this afternoon, what better way than to hit a hobby store? Unlike so many of my past collectibles, there are actually five different card stores that I can get to with relatively ease, ad two are even within walking distance from my apartment.

I still haven't bought any UD Series 2, mostly because I can't enter any of the new codes for UD Kids until 7-1-08 because we're maxed out for the month already. Instead I grabbed four more Series 2 Hobby packs, because at 2 bucks a pop, I can justify that they fall under even my daily cash budget.

2008 Topps Series 2 Hobby
    Pack One
  • 586 Coco Crisp OF Red Sox
  • 432 Jason Kendall C Brewers
  • 368 Michael Bourn OF Astros
  • 565 A.J. Pierzynski C White Sox
  • 488 Mike Gonzalez P Braves
  • 510 Justin Verlander P Tigers
  • 637 Jose Castillo 2b Marlins Gold Foil Variant
  • Topps Town Gold
  • Get Grades Junk
  • 373 Casey Kotchman 1B ANGELS!
  • 542 Adam Kennedy 2B Cardinals
  • 643 Matt Murton OF Cubs

A solid pack for me even though my Angel pull is a double (triple?). Topps Town Gold is nice, but doesn't make up for the lack of any significant insert. Good start though.

Pack Two

  • 426 Franklin Gutierrez OF Indians
  • 393 Michael Cuddyer OF Twins
  • 468 Gregor Blanco OF Braves RC
  • 658 Kerry Wood P Cubs
  • 469 Brian Bocock SS Giants RC
  • 443 Greg Dobbs 3B Phillies
  • TS02 Magglio Ordonez OF Tigers
  • ToppsTown Code
  • 657 John McDonald SS Blue Jays
  • 648 Ryan Freel OF Reds
  • 535 Frankie Rodriguez P ANGELS!

A second solid pack, with one insert, one Angel, one ToppsTown and two RCs. Hard to get excited about though.

Pack Three

  • 641 Marcus Thames OF Tigers
  • 353 Brendan Ryan SS Cardinals
  • 509 Alex Gonzalez SS Reds
  • 481 Manny Parra P Brewers
  • 428 Jair Jurrjens P Braves
  • 620 Gary Sheffield OF Tigers
  • YR118 Jason Isringhousen throws 12 pitches and gets a save
  • 649 Joe Crede 3B White Sox
  • 515 A.J. Burnett P Blue Jays
  • 553 Jo-Jo Reyes P Braves

So far, I think that's the worst pack of Series 2 I've opened. Yup, I'm right, that was the worst pack. I didn't really need two Jurrjens cards, and now I have three.

Moving ON....

Pack Four

  • 408 Edison Volquez P Reds
  • 386 Javier Vazquez P White Sox
  • 533 Kyle McClellan P Cardinals RC
  • 500 Chipper Jones 3B Braves
  • TCH51 Victor Martinez C Indians (87 Topps)
  • 332 Indians Classic Combos
  • 579 Jesse Litsch P Blue Jays Gold Foil Variation
  • HCM-1948 Truman d. Dewey
  • Get Cards Junk
  • 513 Rick Vandenhurk P Marlins
  • 480 Matt Cain P Giants

Save the best pack for last I guess should be my mantra. Overall a pretty good pack to end on, I like the Topps Card History cards, and would like to perhaps put a set of those together some day. I managed to snake a "starter" pack of five of them the other day, I think though that I sold off the Tim Linecum card that I pulled out of Series 1 already. Maybe I'll just buy a set off of eBay.

So let's break down the numbers on my multi-pack purchase shall we?

Once again, here's my rating scale:

1 star = total junk
2 stars = a couple of stars, RCs, a single Angel or a junk insert.
3 stars = one super-star, Vlad Guerrero or decent insert.
4 stars = any relic or auto.
5 stars = the best of the best.

Pack One = 1 Angel, 1 ToppsTown Gold, 1 Gold Foil. 2.5 stars.
Pack Two = 1 Angel, 1 ToppsTown. 1 decentish insert. 2 stars
Pack Three = Junk. 1 star
Pack Four = 1 good insert, 2 decentish inserts = 3.5 stars
Total stars: 9
Average per Pack: 2.25 Stars

Total Cards: 40
# of Angels: 2
# of 1:6 inserts: 4
# of 1:?? inserts: 2 (the gold foil parallels)

Ratio of Angels/Inserts to commons: 8/40

Total Cost w/Tax: $8.00
Cost per card: $00.20

Overall Notes: I'm actually a lot more pleased about these four packs than it appears according to the statistics. I really like the Presidential Race inserts, and I'm enjoying the TCH inserts more than I should. Two Angels in four packs is pretty good, even if one of them is a double. Plus I beat the odds yet again with four different 1:6 insert cards, and I always like that.

As always, I'll trade away anything I pulled with the exception of the Presidential card and the Angels.


Gellman said...

Dude, you are not having much luck with this stuff.

William Noetling said...

It's not that bad actually, could be a lot worse. Such is the lot of a pack buyer as well.

Though I did just buy a truly worthless UD Series 2 pack for SIX BUCKS!

Fortunately that was outweighed by the jersey I pulled out of a $2 pack of Topps.