Thursday, September 5, 2013

Topps Huddle 2013 Is OUT

So just like their BUNT app which is almost over for the season (and I now have 2K cards in) Topps released their HUDDLE app today, which is basically the same as Bunt only for Football.  I don't know about you but since FB is the national pasttime now, I suspect it's going to be very very popular.

So what are you waiting for, download it NOW, and sign up!  Use WILDWILL as your promo code and you'll get extra coins!  Then trade with me.  If you put in the comments that you read this on my blog I'll give you something extra in your trade!  (HOWEVER, make it a fair trade don't ask for the Sun, Moon and the Stars and expect to get it for scrubs just because you read my blog... ;0 )

Also make sure you sign up for, the premier community to discuss Huddle outside of the game.  There's also a Buntmania which I'm very active on as well.

Come on join the fun!

Oh and finally, I'm participating in the annual Pojo Football Pick'Em

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