Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Budget Collector and San Diego Comic-Con

No, I am not in San Diego this weekend, nor am I planning on going.  But I USED to go to Comic-Con.  In fact my first year was 1985 and I've been to TEN of them!  I won't bore you with the standard "guide to comic-con" or what to do or not do.

Nope, I'm just going to point out a couple of cool freebies that I've heard about so far:

At the Lego booth they're giving away Loki Keychains for playing their Marvel Super-Heroes game

Mega Bloks is giving away free Power Rangers figures.

That's it.  That's all I know about so far.  I hear Hasbro is giving away some sort of Kreos and I do see an exclusive Devastator Kreo figure on eBay.  So maybe they are.

And maybe sometime I'll get to go again.


Fuji said...

Going to a SDCC is definitely on my bucket list.

unclemoe said...

Went to my first SDCC this year. It was awesome.