Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Next up from UD - Fight Strap Cards

Do you know what a fight strap even is? Since I have an practice-used Kings Jersey, I actually have one of these things, it's a simple strap of elastic with velcro and a button that is used to keep a hockey sweater from being pulled over your head in a fight. Big whoop.

Really, they aren't that exciting. Whenever I wear that jersey I always am aware of the strap since I end up sitting on it most of the time. I also don't wear that jersey whenever I'm going to be sitting in one place for too long, or driving for too long, since I can feel the button big time and it hurts.

According to Upper Deck: "The cards will definitely be rare as the strap is so small, we can only produce a small amount of them. Single cards will be numbered to just three copies and the combo versions will be one-of-one cards. Since these cards will be more premium, they will be produced on a thicker card stock, similar to a patch card."

So they're going to be rare. Not autographed though, and really, they have absolutely no color to them whatsoever.

Are you interested in these, or do you feel like I do, that it's just about scraping the bottom of the barrell when it comes to game-used relics? What's next? Jock-strap cards?

I'm just not feeling this. If Steve Judd in saying:
"Most people in the industry realize that “non-standard” cards, i.e. game –used jersey cards and autograph cards are loss leaders that are needed to sell unopened product. It is a topic that is discussed a great deal at all card companies. The industry does not yet have the next big thing to help sell products so the companies continue to crank out these cards because they have no choice."

And I believe that he is, do you think this is going to be the solution? Sure seems like UD thinks so. Sorry, I'm really not feeling this one.

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