Wednesday, January 10, 2018

2016-2017 Topps WWE Slam - Elite Performers FINAL RESULTS

Last year I ran a survey on who the player community considered the "Elite" performers that appear in the Topps WWE Slam App.  Since I don't have a paid Survey Monkey account it capped at 100 people, but I think we got a pretty darn good indication of who the community considered to be the elite performers during the first year of the app.  I'm currently working on a new version of the survey which should be up later today, because let's face it who was elite in 2016-2017 may not still be elite and people who were lower on the rankings will definitely be higher this year.

So here's the link to the new survey and here's the results from the last one.

Also I'm going to do a giveaway once we hit 100 responses, so if you want to participate leave your in-game-name

Main Roster Men:

1AJ Styles92.86%
2Seth Rollins80.61%
3Finn Balor76.53%
4Kevin Owens74.49%
5Brock Lesnar70.41%
6John Cena67.35%
8Dean Ambrose63.27%
9Randy Orton61.22%
10Triple H60.20%
11Roman Reigns58.16%

Very little surprise here, AJ Seth and Finn are all extremely popular in the game.  Kevin Owens had a great year and thus he's probably a lot higher than he will be this year.  These are the only performers who appeared on over 50% of the ballots cast.

Main Roster Women:

1Becky Lynch85.26%
2Sasha Banks82.11%
6Nikki Bella63.16%
7Alexa Bliss49.47%

The big surprise here is that Alexa Bliss isn't higher on the list and that's super-easy to explain, she didn't get called up until the draft in 2016 and didn't do a whole lot until TLC late in December of 2016 when she beat Becky Lynch for her first title.  I would expect her to be #1 in the new poll.  Also several NXT call-ups aren't featured here and they will undoubtedly be showing up in 2018.  Once again these are the only performers who hit 50% (or almost 50% in Alexa's case).

NXT Men & Women
1Shinsuke Nakamura87.78%
3Samoa Joe65.56%

All three of these folks were called up and made major impacts since the survey ended, so the entire poll will be new in 2018.  

1The Rock83.52%
2Stone Cold Steve Austin81.32%
3Shawn Michaels74.73%
4Daniel Bryan65.93%
5Eddie Guerrero65.93%
6Macho Man Randy Savage62.64%
8Ric Flair61.54%
9Bret the Hitman Hart57.14%

Once again, no surprises here, The Rock and SCSA are always going to be the most popular "legends" so long as Hulk Hogan isn't in the game.  What's surprising is who ISN'T as popular as you might think.  Once again these are the only performers who ended up on more than 50% of ballots, so you're missing Ultimate Warrior (came in at #12), Trish Stratus (#13), Brie Bella (#14) and a host of others.  Despite being incredibly polarizing, HBK came in third and is still more popular than his biggest rival Bret Hart.  There have been a few additions to the Legends roster, notably Goldberg and Batista, so you might see them in the new poll.

New Additions
2Bobby Roode28.57%
4Brian Kendrick9.52%

These were late additions to the original base set.  Clearly Bobby Roode will most likely end up in the top 10 of current performers going forward.  Goldberg and Batista might end up on the Legends top 10, though unless Batista starts wrestling again his chances are marginal.  This won't be a category in the 2018 poll.

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Never used the Topps WWE Slam App... but it's nice to see The Rock on top.