Saturday, November 20, 2010

Some of the odder things I've put on Ebay Recently

I think I've mentioned that I'm in the process of paring down my collections on eBay, if I haven't well, you haven't been reading. Yeah, that's it.

I love books, that's not a surprise. I love most everything about them, except the fact that they take up so much space. Alas, I do believe eventually I will do all my reading electronically, and honestly I don't think that's a bad thing. The ecology needs humans to stop producing paper, it really does.

I really love Taschen Books, and I have since they began some 25+ years ago. When the Taschen store opened in Beverly Hills, a SHORT walk from my wife's workplace, I was ecstatic. I pretty much buy ALL my Taschen books there since they have the best prices, believe it or not. One of the great things about the store is that they will often display copies of upcoming books as an enticement, and when I saw the preview of "Content" way back in 2003 I knew that I had to have that item. What is it? I'm glad you asked.

Content is a hybrid magazine/book by renowned architect/designer REM KOOLHAUS and it's basically a catalog of his work over the previous decade. It's a follow up to his previous book S, M, L, XL, which was the first 10 years of his work. It also contains timely interviews and reportage from around the globe. Honestly I wish it had been more of a one-off thing, because it was the kind of project that I really could have gotten into.

In any case, I read the entire thing on a Camping Trip way back when and put it on my bookshelf, taking it down every now and then for perusing. A few weeks ago I decided to check out how collectible it might be, and lo and behold I found people selling copies for OVER $100! Not bad for a little $15 book eh?

So it's now On Ebay along with a ton of other stuff I'm trying to sell. Listings are all free right now, so I can list a lot of things that I wouldn't normally bother with. That includes some Hockey Cards, so do me a favor and check out My Items and once again if you buy something, let me know via comment and I'll knock off 10% of the final bid price for ya just because you read my blog.

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