Sunday, February 13, 2022

Los Angeles Rams 7 - Cincinnati Bengals 0 - 4:48 First

 Next possession:

This is the 8th superbowl in Los Angeles.  Including the first one.  Which my dad went to.  I used to have the ticket, but I sold it a few years ago when I needed money. Made a ton.  Could have bought a ticket to the Stanley Cup Finals for what I got for it.

I think I'mma abandon the play by play, you can watch it on your own.

Bengals go 3 and out.  They've now had 7 offensive plays for a total of 15 yards.  That's great for the Rams.

Rams will start 


Netflix - Yes, we already subscribe.  You have some great content coming.

Car Commercial - Garbage....

Anachronistic Tail Gate - Avocados from Mexico - kind of bad timing.

NBC News - Yeah I get mine from the internet.

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