Sunday, February 13, 2022

Los Angeles Rams 7 - Cincinnati Bengals 0 - 6:22 First

 Next possession, 

1st down - loss of yards on a run.  That's 3 plays in a row 

2nd down - Stafford flushed from the pocket and scrambles for a nice gain.  Better than a sack.

3rd down - Really nice pass to Kupp who was in motion.  Gain of a ton

1st down - Gain of 4.  Hunh...The ESPN Game cast is faster than my tv

2nd down - pass for 3 yards

3rd down - TOUCHDOWN - Stafford to ODELL BECKHAM JR.  


Bud Light Next- Gen Zers are drinking now?  That's what it looks like.  

Draft Kings - Who's that girl?  

Arnold as Zeus - Hilarious.  Peggy!  OK that was a good Car commercial.

Peacock - I'm still not subbing.

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