Sunday, February 13, 2022

Cincinnati Bengals 20 - Los Angeles Rams 16 6:13 Fourth

 Bengals start with a quick first down, and run for 3 straight plays.  Unsurprising.  Burn the clock.  Time to step up Rams.

3rd and 1 it's CLOSE but they get the first down.  Yuck.  Burning time.

the Rams defense comes through with a stop on 3rd down.  

Rams take over on their own 22.


Eugene Levy and Brie Larson for cars.   Cathrine O'hara driving in Downtown LA.  Batista.....I dig it.  Best car comemrcial excet for the Tunda.

I hear Hole

I MIGHT BE too drunk to type

I'm hungry for Taco Bell.

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